Aye, that Roman Numeral is going to bloody handy this week. A week of V ahead. Plus a bivi on Beinn a Bheithir, Berghaus, Haglöfs, TNF, Paramo and more and to finish it all up in seven days, I’ll have an exclusive on something new from UK down gear heroes PHD.
Hey, there’s snow on the Ben, I’m back in the hills and there’s a waffle in the toaster just asking to get Nutella spread on it. 


It seems like the proper way to start the week, I’ve now been putting these pages up for five years. While it’s never been an outdoor blog, it’s just my blog, the pages have always been full of outdoor stuff and all the other things that bring me joy. The view below from my bivi bag yesterday morning was nothing but joy, as was the company I was in, the music I listened to, the food I ate and the girls I came home to.
Is five years a lot for a blog? No idea, but I’m not anywhere near done talking pish and taking photies, so I’ll be here for a wee while yet.
And, thank you.