It seems like the proper way to start the week, I’ve now been putting these pages up for five years. While it’s never been an outdoor blog, it’s just my blog, the pages have always been full of outdoor stuff and all the other things that bring me joy. The view below from my bivi bag yesterday morning was nothing but joy, as was the company I was in, the music I listened to, the food I ate and the girls I came home to.
Is five years a lot for a blog? No idea, but I’m not anywhere near done talking pish and taking photies, so I’ll be here for a wee while yet.
And, thank you.

13 thoughts on “V”

  1. Keep it up – it’s just a great read. And you’ve brought some joy to younger readers too – ever since my daughter clapped eyes on Holly’s Merida doll, she hasn’t stopped going on about it, and it went straight to the top of her birthday list, and she was a happy wee girl yesterday when it arrived!

    Where’s the photo taken? Am I seeing Pap of Glencoe over on the left?

  2. Although I’ve been reading your wonderful blog for about 3 years, I’ve never bothered registering an account until now – so this is both a ‘Hi’ and a ‘Happy 5th Birthday’! Keep up the good work :-)

  3. That’s certainly a lot clearer than on the tops in Snowdonia. Saturday night was clear and I could see the sun setting over the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Sunday morning – a very different story. Lots of mist and plenty of wind.

  4. Your 4th year blog was one of the first posts I read on here and I look forward to ones to come. Keep it up my friend.

    Hopefully catch up soon, Davy

  5. Welcome SleepingWarrior and hello you other good folks!

    Bless you all.

    We were on Beinn a’Bheithir, that sun is rising at the other end of Glen Coe, what a morning. I’ll get that stuff up shortly, it’s good to be back.

    Of course, five years of this place means it’ll soon be five years of Holly. I’ll have to go and sit down now.

  6. Late as usual, but congratulations nonetheless!

    I came here for the first time for your Haglofs Oz review, and never left. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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