Aye, that Roman Numeral is going to bloody handy this week. A week of V ahead. Plus a bivi on Beinn a Bheithir, Berghaus, Haglöfs, TNF, Paramo and more and to finish it all up in seven days, I’ll have an exclusive on something new from UK down gear heroes PHD.
Hey, there’s snow on the Ben, I’m back in the hills and there’s a waffle in the toaster just asking to get Nutella spread on it. 

3 thoughts on “V2”

  1. Couldn’t resist it could you?

    Those Vs are worth a bob or two these days and I’ll bet you the one in that picture is looking better now than she does. She must be a blues player as well because it’s on the neck p/up!

    Snow on The Ben you say? Lots of earnest skinny youths will be tooling up to snatch some early “winter routes” – drives me nuts. I’ll be taking the Laser up to The Northern Corries in a few weeks so even a little snow would be pretty (never did thank you for herding me towards the Laser. As you’ve said before it’s a life changing purchase).

    Enjoy Beinn a Bheithir – always had a soft spot for it after my first time during a proper winter many, many moons ago.

  2. Just realised you’ve already been on Beinn a Bheithir and are presumably talking about the write up. Pardon my eejitosity.

  3. Aye, the laser is freedom in a stuffsack. I know a lot of tents have followed it, but it’s still something special I think.

    It was nice to see a wee bit of snow, it was pretty cold at times too. The colours are changing, the light nights are leaving. All good.

    Never spotted the selector switch, she’ll be enjoying the better tone from the pickup placement I dare say, most Gibson V’s have it half an inch inboard missing the sweet spot. So they say :o)

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