A folded corner

We got in late last night, tired and happy from a wee bit of local exploring. Everything was covered in mud and I’d even lost a sole from the old favourite shoes I’d taken for a spin.
The rucksacks still aren’t unpacked and the camera has secrets yet to divulge. So this is a we note to self from my phone before I get all lost in photies and flowery banter: yes it was that nice.

You can pick your friends, but not your days of the week.

It was a Tuesday and that wasn’t the problem, it was the Monday before it, that was the problem.
Tuesday did everything right, it turned upon time, did a fantastic job, but everyone still talked about Monday.

I can see Tuesday’s point, you are what you are, just like Monday was and you can’t be anything but. And why should you try to be anything other than yourself anyway?
Be a Tuesday, be the best Tuesday you can be, just never mind what Monday id doing.

I’ll tell you though, Wednesday really was rubbish.