Rab Demand eVent Pull-on

This is something that was long overdue, and luckily Rab have made the jump. 

It’s a minimalist lightweight smock made from eVent. It’s got good length on the arms and body, a slim-ish fit with good arm movement, hem adjustment and elasticated cuffs.
The hood has a wired peak, with a regular drawcord around the face and an exposed one around the back of the head. There’s a half-length main zip and a single zipped chest pocket, which is a decent enough size.
I’ve only worn it briefly so far, but it looks good. We need this in the shops to keep the Paclite alternatives on their toes.
The fabric is light, but still feels robust, so I’ll be taking this out all winter to see how it does, updates as we go.

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  1. Ooh, goody, at last, an eVent version of the Haglofs Oz! :)

    It’s about time I tried eVent – this could be the one. Any idea how the weight compares?

  2. 280 claimed it seems from reports. The pertex shield version should get closer at ~200 but the fabric on that isn’t going to be much more breathable of course.

    I hope the sleeves are longer than the Oz?

  3. I took one look at that and thought ‘ooh, an eVent Oz!’ as well. The inevitable question… are they doing it in women’s too? ;-)

  4. Aye, the weight’s 200-odd grams, I’ll weigh it properly when I do an update. This is a pre-production model though, so it’ll be close but not definitive.

    The sleeves are plenty long enough for me, but there’s no thumbloops, and I’ll need to see if I miss them or not. They “feel” longer than the Oz, but that might anything from shoulder width to they way the underarms are sewn. Once I’m trying to pull it over my heda in a tent we’ll know more.

    Kate, no chance. But if it does well when it comes out they might follow it up with a wummins. Rab do have quite a good percentage split between the sexes.
    What’s interesting was the fact Rab weren’t sure that demand for the Demand was going to be strong, store buyers weren’t overly fussed, although they did like the blue version they sent me.
    It just shows us once again what’s wrong with the trade.

  5. Boo hoo. It is frustrating, especially in the modern world where manufacturers have a much better opportunity to gauge the market directly through electronic means rather than just talking to store buyers. I’d love an eVent Oz…

  6. Kate, it’s increasingly going that way. The manufacturers know what folk are saying out there.
    Unfortunately they also know my address. Oh, and yours too! I was about to say you were safe, but no, no you’re not…

  7. I too would like to see an eVent Oz pullover, lets hope that the Demand (surely they could come up with a better name) gets beyond the testing stage and there is a demand for it. I have been amazed here in Denmark about the amount of money being spent by Gore and associates on newspaper advertising, it makes it difficult for store buyers to see that there are other fabrics available.

  8. That advertising muscle is the problem, eVent don’t have that kind of backup to raise public awareness.
    The Demand is going into the shops in the blue I’ve got on test at least.
    I’m taking it on an overnighter shortly, so I’ll have some news soon I hope.

  9. Is it only me that doesn’t like pull ons. I feel with a full zip (although it could leak more) it gives you far better venting options. Not used event but is it that breathable that there is no sweat build up. There are a few bits of kit like the Haglofs barrier pull on, weight & warmth wise, great, but the pull on bit puts me off.

  10. Smocks are both better than jackets and also a pain in the arse.
    The neater front where your pack belt is, the weight saving and smaller packsize, better breathability (less seams and “features” to get in the way), are all brilliant.
    But trying to get dressed and undressed in a tent where you’re trying to get out with it on so you don’t get wet or you’re trying to get a wet smock off without soaking the tent are where you curse it.
    I love smocks though. Oddly, the Haglofs LIM Ultimate jacket feels like a smock although it’s got a full length zip?!

    eVent is more breathable than Gore stuff, and it’s condensation management is better than most other membranes. But after using Gore’s Proshell I have to say it’s worth going for fit and features rather than fabric, the difference in performace is noticable, but it’s not a gulf of condensation that’s sloshing between them.
    But if the best fitting jacket you can find is made of eVent, then you’ve won a watch.

    Interestingly the current version Paclite is incredibly breathable, it just manages condensation really badly. Wear less under it and get a close fitting model and it works much better.

    The eVent fabric on the Rab shells is all-new, so Im really looking forward to seeing how it performs.

  11. Guilty of being a bit thick here…. What do you mean by ‘Interestingly the current version Paclite is incredibly breathable, it just manages condensation really badly’ please?

    Quite fancy the look of the new Demand but do I really need an Oz and a Demand???

  12. Paclite has no scrim on the inside, just that charcoal coloured coating. The lightly testured/patterened scrim that you see in other Gore fabrics and eVent takes in the moisure and hides it until is passes through the membrane to the outside.
    That’s how it’s described as a “3 layer” fabric (face fabric/ waterproof membrane/ inner scrim). Paclite is sometimes described as a 2.5 layer, although the original qualified better as the white membrane was bare apart from little rubber dots to offer it some protection. There’s a lot of 2.5 layer fabrics out there, nothing wrong with it at all.

    Paclite breathes away quite merrily until it reaches the point of no return and wets out on the inside. With no scrim this moisture is obvious and also easily transfers back onto you. But it does dry very quickly as well.
    I don’t have an issue with it to be honest.

    Do you need an Oz and a Demand? That’s a good one, I found the limits of the Oz during winter, and I think the Demand will fare better due to its longer arms and body and slightly thicker fabric.
    As ever, nothing is like for like, it’s difference by degrees. That’s whay we all have so much kit :o)

  13. Aaahh, thanks that makes sense. Paclite looks a bit like the Entrant you used to get in the early days, i.e. a slightly breathable PU coating. I was a bit dissapointed when I first saw it thinking uh oh…. I have some two layer Gore Tex as well (the stuff that has a mesh drop liner to protect the membrane) and that breathes really well.

    I have quite a lot of Paclite and thought the condensation was down to poorer breathability compared to 3 layer rather than the scrim hiding it on 3 layer… I am now wiser…

    I had a good scurry about trying to find the transfer rates of Paclite/XCR/Pro etc but couldn’t find any data on Gore’s products.

    I think I’ve made my mind up on the Demand…time to try Event for myself after a life time of Gore… :-)

  14. Sorry, a BTW. I have the Oz so the ‘do I need both’ was a way of me rationalising buying another top I don’t really need :-) Ahhh, gear freakery….

  15. Question – The Montane Superfly L fits me perfect… what’s the sizing of this like in comparison? Any ideas? Cos I really like the sound of this, been thinking about it all day, except for when I think about the bridesmaid at this Saturday’s wedding I’m best man at ;-)

  16. Step away from the bridesmaid, there’s nothing for you here…

    It looks Rab and Montane are pretty similar in shell jackets size for size, so it’s likely you’d be your usual size.
    The wild cards are Rab’s “walkers” waterproofs which are a bit baggier (I can’t remember the name, I think it’s got four pockets?), and Montane’s Super Fly XT which is about six feet wide in every size from XS to XXL.

  17. Nearly purchased a Superfly for 135 quids but at over 450g it’s not much lighter than my MH Goretex shell, loved the hood though. This however seems to trump it on all counts! I love my Featherlight smock in almost the same blue, event just seems to breathe best for me personally and the weight and price seem spot on.
    Just need to find a Marmot Mica to try for size and the decision will be made.

    Best man/bridesmaid is just a cliche… however, she will be mine

  18. Ah Marmot, that Nano I’ve got on test is a cracker.
    You’ll try the Mica and just get upset that you’ll have given yourself more choice.

    Bridesmaid report, Monday 0800 sharp.

  19. That marmot mica looks a great bit of kit. The only thing that puts me off from a previous marmot jacket is the hood as they are usually designed for over the helmet (or yank baseball cap) and have no peak stiffness. When my Lowe Alpine rush jackets bitr the dust its on my short list though.

  20. The peak on the Nano is fine, I was quite impressed, but the volume adjuster needed fixing.
    Still haven’t told Marmot about that…

  21. coops – my LA Rush has bitten the dust finally, hence the interest in a simple jacket. Won’t wash up no more but it has been used well. Only cost me 40 notes when I got it!

  22. mrchewy – From the reviews of the mica it would be a great replacement, as the rushes new model is the velocity, but it’s miles heavier than the rush so that to me makes it a non-starter. The fabric on the mica is allegedly very breathable and the Hydrostatic head is 20000mm, so well waterproof. As i mentioned the limiting factor maybe the hood for me, but its got to be a contender, as it ticks most boxes. Oh & got my rushes for £15 each in a Lowe sale, officially my best ever outdoor bargains :)

  23. By the way, in case it comes around to the question, I have no idea how much the Demand will be.
    Talking of which, we all know VAT’s going back up on January the first?

  24. Biggest tip I have for Paclite and other non-lined fabrics (Triplepoint in the Rush etc) is to use a long sleeve baselayer – this effectively replaces the inner scrim/mesh liner. These fabrics will always get clammy and feel damp over bare skin for exactly the reasons Ptc mentions above.

    Also bare in mind that the face fabric places a huge part in the breathability of fabrics – my Oz breathes significantly better than other Paclite fabrics I’ve used in the past.

  25. It’s another reason not to wear baggy jackets, close fitting wins again.
    It’s also true that the Oz is noticably better performing than any other Paclite jacket I’ve tried.

  26. 150 notes at in pounds?
    here in australia, the conversion rated used to be 2.5 aussie dollars to the pound!!! now it’s a more managable 1.83:1. oh, and some of the prices your online retail stores charge for shipping is CRIMINAL!!!!

    whinge over… for the time being.

  27. Internation shipping is a racket! I get stuff shipped from the far east using EMS, seven days from China to the UK with tracking, £5 up to 2kg. From the UK it would be about £60.

    The Demand’s eVent is light but not the lightest, that’s why I’m thinking it’ll work well in winter.
    Without going to check, I think it’s the same as the Drilium and matbe the orange bits on the Super-Dru I’ve got in?
    I’ll reveal all on the update.

  28. ultralight outdoor gear, uk, have a breakdown of some of the event fabrics utilized in a number of garments. you’re right, pete, site indicates that the superdru and the drilium uses lightweight event 3-layer. the lightest fabric is the super lightweight 3-layer.

  29. I’ll do a proper update soon, but the short version is that it’s bloody marvellous.
    It became standard kit for trips very quickly. I think I’ve got a wee review of it in the next Trail.

  30. sounds good, would it combine well with the Viper II? looking for a new set-up / alternative to my velez smock, fit dependent!

  31. Aye, if you’re putting a hoody under it, make sure the hoody’s hood doesn’t have a peak on it. The Demand’s hood is quite neat and the peak and drawcord channel arrangement doesn’t mesh well with a lot of stuff under it. A plain hood, beanies, Buffs etc work well.
    In saying that I have worn a basebal cap under it, but only because I couldn’t be arsed taking it off and putting it in my pack.

  32. Looking forward to reading the review and how it measures up to the OMM event and OZO. I think I’ll be buying a spare pullover this year, which will it be?

  33. Looking from their website that they had to sacrifice the pertex shield smock and the full zip version of this. Great shop buyer logic there – clearly only allowed minimalist smocks in the heavier fabric.

    As I don’t seem to sweat so much I was more interested in that one. Oh well.

    I’m expecting my smock examinations to consist of putting them on, lifting my arm and putting them back :)

  34. It’s good to see all of the samples I liked and most of the colours seem to have made into the shops.

    It’ll be interesting to compare the Demand to the OMM smock in the lighter fabric. The Demand really is very good, it’s much more usuable in the cold than the Haglofs Oz which has a lighter fabric. I think it’s hit an all-season lightweight sweet spot.

    We’ll see later in the year. Oh, the Haglofs Ozo should be out any day as well.

  35. Damn you Petesy :-) My Demand Pull On arrived courtesy of Mr Crozier this morning. It seems a lot more substantial than an Oz for only 100g weight penalty. Looks good for really wet days and big days in winter/the Alps. Should get some time out in a couple of weeks when I’m starting a reasonably continuous Munro round, hope to finish late summer.

    Please now stop reviewing breathable smocks, they are a weakness I cannot control :-)

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