Happy Halloween from Holly’s non scary pumpkin. It’s merely slightly unsettling I’d say.

“Get out of those joggies and get moving!” said the wife, “Aye?” said I raising an eyebrow.
“Yes, have you forgotten we’re going to see Alice Cooper tonight”
“Ah right, we’ll do that then”

4 thoughts on “Zoiks!”

  1. Hmm. Pumpkin-making technology has moved on a lot – how d’you get those lovely smoothly rounded corners around the eyes? Or is it a special GM pumpkin…?

    L’s looks like an axe murderer has been near it. Which I have.

  2. Watched his concert from London on Sky Arts HD last night. Still puts a good show on and the pics & sound were superb.

  3. It was a good show, played very straight with a minimum of theatrics and all the well known stuff. I’ll stick a wee review up later.

    Chewy that crops on on the Kerrang channel quite a bit, it’s cracker. Flyinf V’s in the woods :o)

    Roddy, the saw blade on my Swiss Army Knife carves it up just nice!

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