I’ve just been advertised at, the iPad2 will apparently complete my life and preserve my family in a golden halo for all eternity. No it won’t and now I want to punch Apple in the face.

I was in my folks attic earlier tonight rummaging for stuff to amuse Holly and found some annuals from the 70’s, a couple of the Marvel Star Wars ones and three Star Trek ones (which I’ll be reliving my childhood through in an hour or so), along with a bag of Star Wars figures from ’77.
Now these items have so much stuff attached to them, not just the retro appeal that makes them collectable, it’s their place in my timeline, the art representing a point in comic and even social evolution, that fact the books were bound and printed in Britain and the joy of showing them all to the next generation who apparently love them as much as I did.

Now, I can’t see future generations trawling their parents attics and shouting down through the hatch “Hey, you should see this old app I’ve found from 2014, I’ll bring it down and clean it up…”
Turning a page is timeless, we don’t need to be sold shite with built-in obselescence, I was told my three year old iPod was retro the other day without a hint of sarcasm. That was without seeing its content too.
I’ve got a set of 100 year old books from Shackleton’s first trip south, simply placing a finger on the spine speaks to me, will folk be misty eyed about Kindle in 100 years?

Advertising pisses me off, it’s just a tool you’re showing me not a magic bloody wand, if my life is shite before I buy it it’ll be shite after I buy it. Get out of my face you bastards.

I’m away to make a mug of tea whilke I’ve paused the telly so I can fast forward through the adverts. Some technology is okay after all.
Contrary bugger.


6 thoughts on “Zerstören”

  1. True. Plus I think some marketing people have gotten way to good at their job. Their perfection robs me of money and time. One should just look the other way and go on with the important stuff.

  2. Built-in obsolescence – all very true, and nothing of character that’s tangible and lasts for years. I’m their worst nightmare, I don’t have an i-anything, just a £30 quid mobile that makes calls and is normally switched off.

    Speaking of Star Wars and memories, was it your good self that lambasted Georgie Boy for altering the original trilogy a few years back when it came out on DVD? (I vaguely recall a post to that effect and I think it was here). Well he’s at it again in the Blu-ray edition. The Star Wars thread over at the Blu-ray forum currently has 31,780 posts(!), many of them howling about his appalling changes, including a jaw dropping change to the crux scene in ROTJ.
    Just thought I’d make your morning, in case you didn’t know…!

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