Zero the Hero

A front of misery will drag its heels across Scotland this morning before clearing sarcastically briefly in the afternoon before a second front of misery, this time to be enlivened by some thunder, takes two step forwards and one step back across the Western Highlands.
Those who are packed and ready to spend tonight in a tent are advised not to bother and instead eat more cake to try and take the sting of disappointment and frustration away.

Then the phone rang and was reluctantly answered: “It is a burst pipe right enough, quick… !” Bad luck for someone is always good luck for someone else.

Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda.

4 thoughts on “Zero the Hero”

  1. Decision made for you then, you’ll be out there soon enough chap.
    I forsook the hills and a windy weather forecast and did one of the things I needed to do before I’m fifty – went out on a proper Goth night. A Nachtmahr gig in London which turned out to be brilliant followed by Slimelight, all good stuff. Proper went for it as well, nail varnish, skirt, ripped fishnets… back to macho mountain man todays tho! haha
    Slowly getting through the list now, although I really need to get on with the AFF skydiving course, I’ll actually be too old to take it in another 3 years!

  2. Ha, that sounds like a blast. I can’t do metal nights any more, I’d look all wrong on the dancefloor without my flares and hair.

    Mountains this week, some way or another. Mmmmffffff.

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