I had a text conversation with a dear friend whom I haven’t seen for a while for one reason or another despite our limited geographical difference.
I remarked upon the likelihood of my not recognising him on our next encounter, the reply, which is entirely in keeping with the brevity and succinctness of all our comms over the years, still has me chuckling days later. I’m sure he won’t mind me putting this somewhere where I’ll remember it.

“Bald. Beard. Angry. Look in the mirror. Subtract 10 and some sugar.”

Genius, the 10 is years, either of us could be tracked down by even the most incompetent of security services using that equation.

3 thoughts on “Z”

  1. Ha ha! I wonder if I know who that was…! Straight to the point and no messing.

    It’s nearly time for biking weather (given that I’m a soft lassie still with no bike lights). Bikes, runners, hills, tea, cakes, soon?

  2. Now is indeed the time for bikes Ange, we shall arrange something. Maybe next week.

    Ant, I always felt for the big fat mexican soldier in the black and white Zorro series, he was always getting a Z carved on his arse. Poor sod must have went through dozens of pairs of trousers.

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