Yum Yum Bros

I’m always looking for different food for the trail, I get bored with the same stuff all the time. Except my mini Irn-Bru’s, they’re beyond reproach. So in for test is Yum Yum Bros.
Energy food has always been handy, good size, easyily stowed, quicke refuleing on the move, but they’ve taken a different slant in recent times. The move is away from jaw clamping sugar blocks to something closer to real food, with recognisable ingredients and non-synthetic flavours, and that’s good for the soul as well as the taste buds.
Yum Yum Bros are promising healthy energy with a great taste. I haven’t even opened one yet, but they’ll be getting packed for upcoming trips and we’ll see what the story is.

2 thoughts on “Yum Yum Bros”

  1. That stuff must be good! I mean look how they spell extreme and energy. Where is my Pepsi Max ;o)

  2. I liked the wings on the NRG bars, reminded my of a combination of the old KIMMlite logo and Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon.

    The feel pretty sturdy in the hand, it does feel like real food in there. Okay, toast before I open one…

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