You spin me right round

The weather is unrelentingly grim but I don’t care as I’m all about indoors right now. Spent all day recording in Red Eye Studios in Clydebank with Craig and his drumsticks, we spent some of yesterday in there too rehearsing which was pointless as it turns out as I improvised every bloody thing when the tape was rolling today anyway, Tape, ha I wish, when the “button had been pressed” shall we say.
Got the track home and the first mix sounds good, I’ll live with it for a couple of days and probably remix i tbefore inflicting on the world as a couple of things are sticking out a little, mostly my shouting and hitting things. Three and a half minutes long it is, bloody hell, what’s that, a third of the length of the last track we did?
Such good fun, making stuff is where it’s at.

What next in holiday land I wonder, not a lot if this weather doesn’t get its shit together. Still that crescent moon up there is nice, if you can stop your eyes watering in the gale force wind long enough to see it.

Time for another selection box.

2 thoughts on “You spin me right round”

  1. Indoors??!!! That’s not right!! ;O)

    You’re right though, the weather’s pish right now, and feels like it has been for weeks, the worst kind of winter – cold enough to be unpleasant, with added wind and rain. It’s not encouraged us to go beyond day walks for a while (last wildcamp was Bonfire Night). I hope we get some ‘proper’ winter soon…

    Still we’ve taken the opportunity for a very last minute, bargain B&B break in Northumberland (new territory), and are just back from a second bracing day out in the Cheviots – boy, those hills are wild and empty, and soggy! Yesterday’s wind was phenomenal – I couldn’t stand upright on the summit cairn of Simonside, and it’s only 429m!

    Anyway, I’m too late for your birthday, or Christmas, so I’ll be first to say All the Best for 2012! :))

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