2 thoughts on “You can’t park here”

  1. Aye! The harbour’s much clearer of wrecks than it was, but if I look out of the window there are still a few forgotten hulks at the west end where the canan boats never venture.
    The lazy buggers only cleared around the lock gates.

    That barge above is sitting high and dry at Port Dundas above Glasgow city centre. My Dad & Co pulled it out of the water about 20 years ago with two others to try and salvage and restre them, but they were too badly damaged, one actually collapsed flat without the water to hold its shape (it wasn’t archaeological vandalism, British Waterways wanted them out and the were going to do it with by any means necessary, ie destroy them to do it).
    The reason for the interest? These were the barges that my Greatgrandad worked between the wars.

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