Yet another secret bunker, Silva’s this time

We were at Silva’s secret HQ in central Scotland today for a look at some 2010 gear from Silva, Gerber, Brunton, Lifesystems, Smartwool, Craft, Honey Stinger, Dermatone and Big Agnes. These mini-meets are much better than big trade shows because you can take your time, try everything on, turn off the lights and run about with headtorches and banter with the folks without pressure. It’s always good to talk about technical stuff, and getting to ask the questions that folk want to know the answers to, regardingdesign, price, why is there no wummins version?
I’ll get some stuff up on what we saw shortly, but there was some great stuff in there, and the the good news is that I’ll be getting some bits and pieces in to test. New Silva headtorches with a much better finish and better performance, Smartwool bikewear (and compression baselayers!) and the one that made me grin: Brunton is here in the UK, and properly this time.
The Big Agnes Fly Creek looks good and to celebrate its lightweight wonder, Aggie herself sent back a frisbee for Holly. Who was ovecome by emotion as you can see.

8 thoughts on “Yet another secret bunker, Silva’s this time”

  1. Ach, what a bonny bairn. She disnae look overly impressed wi’ that particular offering tho’ :o)

    What’s the word on Honey Stinger? They seem to have disappeared from the shops and gone all web-orders only.

  2. She’s just magic :o)

    Honey Stinger is doing well thay say, but I did mention to them that I couldn’t find it either. Maybe the new webstore has pissed off the shops?
    I’ve got new chews to try, purple ones :o)

  3. I think Holly is just waiting for you to turn round before launching the frisbee at your head. No wait that’s my kids when I said it was still 2 weeks before we go camping :-)

    Anyway, when you say “much better finish” on the silva headtorches do you mean one that you can actually stand to have on your head for more than 30 seconds?

    It was the main reason I went to princeton tec – I can wear my apex all night and not feel like I’m being tortured.

    One other thought – are you going to get a fly creek to play with?

  4. Purple HS chews?! Are they the mythical Cherry flavour?!(insert Homer Simpson drool noise here)

  5. Aye, Pomegranite Passion.. still unopened for the time being…

    I’ve got a couple of photies of the Fly Creek, nice tent, I’ll try and get a shot of one.
    The Silva torches are all-new designs and the plastic moldings are much better this time around. I should have one in at some point and I’ll see if it tattoo’s my forehead or not!

  6. Cheers Stu.
    Click the link at the bottom of that page folks.

    The Run4it in the Glasgow Tiso GOE has plenty as it turns out. Handily right next to the Nuun…

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