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  1. About 920m Martin, the weather was too bad for pitching on the summit on the climb up, and as it turns out, given the tent I had, it was good call…
    I’ll be writing it up over the weekend, gear woes too.

  2. I personally think that.. (I need to lean to THINK what to write on blog comments before posting before I should!) …More mens outdoor stuff should be availible in purple, it’s a shame the womans gear is in the GOOD colours.

  3. Never think you post, I don’t, makes it more fun :o)

    Wummin do get all the good colours, the manufcaturers are fed up hearing me tell them…

    The hat is from Zimbabalooba, the same folk that make the baggy climbers pants in the same fabrics.
    I couldn’t believe they had a reversible purple/orange cap! I got mine in the Green Welly Shop in Tyndrum, the assistant wondered why I was grinning to much.

  4. Looks like they don’t sell it on ther online shop :( Can’t even spot it on the Zimbabalooba UK website Boo! Nor can I find any online stockists at all..

    I’m kind of in 2 minds- want to replace my Thermarest prolite- Not sure if I should go for the Neoair for comfort or the Womans prolite simply for the colour! WHY can’t the neoair be in purple :( !

    There, I think I’ve got that all into one post..Having to send multiple messages does mean I get though stamps very quickly ;)

  5. Zimbabalooba are harder to track down these days, even ebay only has a few.
    Had a look at the UK site there, the colours… the colours…
    Saw those desert caps in Tynrum, the neck flap would have been handy on that day above, my sunscreen went missing and my neck is still like a strip off the side of a post box.

    The womans Prolite is a good choice, I’ve used Joyce’s many times, bright pink! I’m seeing Thermarest next week, I’ll be demanding both a winter Neoair and purple.

  6. Good luck with the demanding, if not- we should start a petition to get more mens stuff in purple!

  7. “Wummin do get all the good colours”
    Utter garbage! Have you *seen* the amount of wimmin’s gear that comes in nothing but baby blue, girly pink, pastels and nothing else? Paramo are particularly bad, but loads of other manufacturers do the same.

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