Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

And as quick as it came, it was away. Holly went from spotty street urchin to a crazy pinball skiting off the walls overnight so she made it back to school on Friday.
This also meant I got to go to work and it was an absolute delight. We were repairing some historic pipes and I had a safety boat under me in case I fell into the water while I was doing it.
Ah, what a change from a week on the couch watching the clock for medicine time.

Where to start with other stuff? In the next week here I’ll have the story behind the Mournes routes in the last issue of Trail, I’ll get a proper piece up about the Sandwood Bay trip and there will be gear. Reviews of the Primus ETA, Fjallraven Keb Fleece, Haglofs softshell, looks at Force Ten, Thermarest, Vango, Aku, Hillsound, MSR and a bunch of other stuff. See, I didn’t sell it on ebay, relax people.

Unless something else screws it up. Ha.


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