The streets were deserted and silent. From struggling through nose to tail traffic in heavy snow at 20mph on the way home, to cIear skies and the village all to myself on the way home from a visit to my folks house for dinner.

Winter walks at night in the snow are pure magic. The snow takes the light and plays with it, everything seems new and clean, the hardest edges are softened, it’s like a sleeping powder has been sprinkled on the land and I missed it and stayed awake because I was in the cellar changing the cheese in the mousetraps.

The girls are stuck up north in the snowdrift that is Joycee’s folks place. It’s getting helluva close to Christmas, lets hope for better roads up there tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “XLI”

  1. I think snow might be my favourite kind of weather. Or maybe sunshine. They’re forecasting both for tomorrow and the day after. Oor wee country will look utterly magic.

    Many happy returns btw. Hope you get the girls back in time for cake :o)

  2. Happy birthday ptc* :)

    Hope the roads improve an d the girls get home, plus there are snowy hills to be got to….

  3. Bless you good people.

    There’s an alpenglow on the roofs out there, all I need is the girls heading south and I’l have a good day.

    Once I’ve serviced these two boilers…

  4. Happy birthday ptc*

    Loving the snow here too. Managed to navigate a quick night time ski last night around the local trails using moonlight and a tiny head-torch to light up the sparkly snow.

  5. Lovely photos, ptc*… and of course happy birthday!

    Just checking around your site and flikr… what camera are you using and what were the settings for the shots above – I take it you bring a tripod along with you, given your other low light shots I’ve seen.

  6. Have a gud ‘un fella – hope you get seperate pressies from your chrimbo ones mind!

    As an aside, got my presents from my lad at the weekend… one Terra Nova Laser Elite 20ltr sack. Blimey! How light is that? He said “all that money dad and it just got put through the letterbox… I expected something a bit more substantial”. He’ll learn.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Best weather is snow laying on the ground, a cloudless sky and dawn breaking. Simply breathtaking.

  8. Happy birthday young ‘un – don’t you love it – proper winter, snow on the ground, red & blue skies, loud hats aplenty, I’ve been grinning all week.

  9. XLI it ain’t that old. I’m dreading my next one though, XXXIII – yikes!!

    Hope the girls get home to you soon, safe and sound.

  10. Happy Birthday, PTC* and God bless.

    I hope the family are home and safe before Santa comes visiting!

    December has been a great month for reading your stories, thanks for all your hard work.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all the Petesy fans out there ;-)

  11. You know, I thought that XLI thing would sneak under the wire undetected… :o)

    Thanks for all the kind words, you are all good people and should be served Kopi Luwak with scrambled eggs on toast by naked Balinese maidens (or blokes) every morning at 0800 until spring next year. Or maybe rolls on bacon.

    It’s been a funny day, work as usual, only colder, but the girls are back now and we’re all at home. The fairy lights are on (so’s the kettle), the door’s locked and the mobile is switched off.
    That’s better.

    Baz, it’s a Lumix LX3, great wee camera. The setting for above was “Night scenery”, its about a five second exposure. And aye, a tripod is a constant companion these days!

  12. Fantastic… The excitement is building for the big day and the kids are being double dosed with valium to get them to sleep!

  13. Happy birthday old boy! ;-)

    We’ve got 4.5 inches of snow on our garden in Manchester! It didn’t snow in the day but started again an hour ago and already another inch! :-)

    Take it you guyys have got some now too in Weegie Land?

  14. Aye, Holly is hearing Santa on the roof every five minutes :o)

    Jamie we have snow in abundance, and now some fog… Christmas Eve inversion anybody?

    Old boy indeed :o)

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