X Bionic Wallaby Giveaway

Following on from my wee look at the Wallaby wristband, I now have ten to give away.

So, if you’re tired of licking your armpits while you’re in the hills in an attempt to cool down, and would like to try a more technical, comfortable nay, stylish way of keeping your temperature at a pleasant equilibrium, as well as being the first to wear one, then I need a little something in return.

X Bionic are always a talking point, and here’s a chance to take those points right to the people in charge.
ASI, the UK Distributors will take the first ten (different!) questions for X Bionic posted below to Switzerland for their up-coming meeting and bring us back the answers.

Okay, we have one doubler and a couple of extra questions. But, no one goes home empty handed. The first ten unrepeated questions get a Wallably, and the others will get whatever test kit niknaks are lying around.
Please send me your address through the contact form.
That last point also applies to any Lyon’s Coffee bags winners who haven’t been in comms…

15 thoughts on “X Bionic Wallaby Giveaway”

  1. Okay, I have to ask: Why so expensive? – a short sleeve tee-shirt for 55quid (rrp) is simply outragious, how do you justify such high price…

  2. Are they planning to use recycled/ environmentally friendly materials at some point in their production of X Bionic garments & gear?

  3. Is there a product one of your competitors has made that you wish you had and what was it?

  4. Do they have any plans to expand their innovative technologies into other equipment areas? I’m thinking things like packs with non-sweaty backs, and/or that integrate with the current and upcoming clothing for example.

  5. I’m a fan of the X-range… But do question some of the marketing science used – What studies have been done to show the amount of cooling the wristbands create?


  6. In this time of economic crisis and increased environmental awareness, is it not about time to save both money and the environment from the vast, sprawling, expensive and entirely unnecessary packaging the products ship with? I have intentionally avoided purchasing any of the range specifically due to this!

  7. The old chestnut – why is so much of the packaging on X-Bionic kit so elaborate and overblown? Do they think the glossy technical-blurb gatefold boxes attract more people than they put off? Couldn’t they include all the info on a simple leaflet inside a simple bag or box?

  8. I wouldn’t mind wearing the black wristband but are there plans for any other colours? (white, red, pink!) Also there appears to be huge range of womens clothes so why is it that all I seem to come across in stock in UK is the Energizer boxers, t-shirt and tights, with the odd website stockist stocking the Accumulator pants and top? We need more choice of the womens range in the UK!

  9. Are you going to make a balaclava? Not many companies seem to make them these days but a good wind proof one would surely sell well.

  10. How about adding a wider colour range, I know most of it is underwear but it is all pretty dull looking.

  11. Availability is fairly limited in the UK. Are there any plans to make your products more widely available on the high street?

  12. Could this technology be usefully applied to sports bras? It seems this is an area that’s not very well represented by the big outdoor manufacturers, and I’m guessing sweaty boobs aren’t very pleasant! Not that I know, being a bloke and all.

  13. Given that most outdoors shops are crap in terms of service and product range would you consider a direct sales / mail order / e commerce model like Alpkit, to get your products to customers more easily?

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