X Bionic Trekking Underwear, Shirt and Pants

I got the X Bionic Energiser pants in for test last year and was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and performance. For someone who lives in merino, finding synthetic underwear that’s good to wear is both a rarity and a joy.

Brand new for this year is the Trekking range, aimed at pack luggers and general outdoor types, but no less technical than the existing athletic models. Indeed no less forgiving on the less than perfect figure either.
The shirt and pants have a mix of fabric weaves for cushioning, venting, support, cooling and warming. When you pull them on they feel soft and the slim fit is unrestrictive, the comfort is instant and wearing them really is rather nice. Technology is fine, but you have to feel that you’re wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. I’ve got high expectations of these after the previous results, they’re on long term test, so I’ll report back soon.

One additional item, the packaging. there really is no need. It’s a great product, but the packaging is crass and also I think it’s trying to be intimidating, “Do you measure up to our standards?” it seems to say. A brown paper bag with a link to their website printed on it is all that’s needed.

27 thoughts on “X Bionic Trekking Underwear, Shirt and Pants”

  1. the boxers are great, ive been using them for a while now as i wore my old haglofs ones out, and i think they are great, but like you say the packaging is well over the top

  2. I may try the boxers out. I’m after something with a little more “support” as my merino leggings just arent.

  3. I like the previous ones a lot, I’m hoping these are as good.
    Support thay have, your gear is stuck in a fabric box and held there.
    I had merino leggings on today under softshell pants, and yes you fly free, but at the back of my mind I wonder if that stops them freezing…?

  4. I like long legged boxers as well Matt. The worst offenders have been Icebreaker, their revamp of their boxers have made them nearly legless, but not briefs either. Odd.

    Kate, yes. They make you feel like a battery.

  5. I’m tempted to try the supportive boxers under my merino leggings under my Terras.

    I think the swinging has a lot to do with the chafing I suffered last week ;o(

  6. I wonder if it’s your trouser/undergarment interface as well?
    Trial and error is a bugger when it’s physical damage you’re watching for to see if you’ve got it sorted.

  7. I’m fine in just merino boxers but like you say the leggings have definite “swing factor”.

  8. Interesting update this morning, the comments on the packing have been read and sent to the X Bionic packaging overseer.
    They’re listening at least.

  9. How are these working out so far then? I like the feel of the materials on some of their gear I’ve come across but how well does the t-shirt work compared to other synthetics?

  10. I’ll do an update soon, I’ll need some decent photies firts.
    I like the t-shirt, but I think I prefer the other shorts.
    There’s long explainations for all this, soon!

  11. ***”I’ll need some decent photies firts.”***


    ** {averts eyes} **

  12. Nah, she sin’t keen on synthetics. I’ve tried to explain that technology’s moved on and they’re better, but she’s having none of it.

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