X Bionic Trekking Pants Short

I’ve had the Trekking Boxers and T-Shirt on test for a good while now, but by general concensus, the most anticipated item in the trekking range were the Trekking Pants with those nice long legs. You can now get them in the UK, and I’ve had them on test the past couple of months.

As you can see from the photie above, the legs are indeed long. This makes a huge difference over wearing the boxers, because although the different zones of fabric are the same on both, the long legs stop any riding up,  and add comfort and warmth.
Although tight, the huge amount of stretch and softness common to the range leaves you unrestricted. The waistband is wide and soft too, and under my canvas workpants and outdoor gear with a rucksack hipbelt I’ve had no rubbing. They stay up which is nice, I had a notion they might be like a section of Tubigrip stuck on your head, all that compression and contraction would eventually fire them off me like a fabric rocket, sparking with static as they went. But no, they cling on like used chewing gum to a Doc Marten sole.

The compression is gentle, there’s no noticeable pressure, it’s more that there’s a lack of sensation as I’ve mentioned before. They really are very anonymous to wear unless you’re thinking about it.
All the different patterend fabric zones have their own function: support; ventilation, quick drying, sweat movement. And it works well, I’m always dry in these, comfort in general is high and the few seams are soft and well positioned.
Wear and tear is light so far, and they’ve been worn and washed plenty, A bit of light bobbling and that’s it.

I’ve yet to wear them on an overnighter, that’ll still be a couple of months away I think. I still need my knees covered at the moment.
But, I reckon these were worth the wait. I think they’re miles better than the Boxers.
I’ll have more again after I’ve slept in them.

8 thoughts on “X Bionic Trekking Pants Short”

  1. Not sure about the dodgy photo at top of article, but never mind. Glad you like the Trekking Pants Short as much as I do.

    For info, Likeys already stock these, and I think the Climbers Shop do too.

  2. I refuse to use stock photies, I’d be as well putting adverts up, so improvisation it is :o)

    Aye, I saw them in the Climbers Shop last week. That and their fancy new decor!

  3. I nearly wore out photoshop trying to get that photie usable you know :o)

    The front of the shop is much less cluttered now, very modern. Funny enough, it looks a bit like the new Epicentre that’s opened up a few doors down.
    It’ll be shop wars in Ambleside now.

  4. Aye, I’m well impressed with my pair too. I commented here on a bit of bobbling after their first time out, but it doesn’t seem to have got any worse since, so that’s encouraging.

    Very comfortable for both feel and moisture management, and those long legs stay in place (I hate knee-covering baslayers, gave up on them years ago). They layer superbly too – my Cioch analogy salopettes slide smoothly over them, even telemark skiing.

    I’ve got the running shorts too, very similar but thicker. I like both, not sure which I prefer… I think the runners are almost too warm at times and I wonder if I feel slight moisture overload at the back, but if that’s what it is it soon dissipates.

    They may both go to Norway next month :)

  5. off to Scotland for winter skills in a couple weeks, have bagged myself a pair of these from Likeys, thanks for the info. Now I think I really am covered on the gear front. The old card has taken a beating recently, what with boots, crampons, rucksack (haglofs ascent 38, and so far I’m loving it), down vest (LIM)…and I forget. Really looking forward to it.

    Still loving the energizer boxers, and my running tops. Such a brilliant fabric, the moisture management is absolutely outstanding and the anti-odour ain’t half bad for a synthetic.

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