X Bionic Head and Hands

Just in to catch the rest of the cold weather on my napper above is next seasons X Bionic Winter Light Cap.
It’s got the usual attention to detail, with fabric zones giving warmth, ventilation and drying, with a nice soft handle and gentle stretch. If feels good on, and was very handy on a cold and windy Kilpatrick trail today.
More on it later after some sweating and and some washing.

Below on my wrist is the X Bionic Wallaby wristband. Now, I do understand the whole wrist related sweat/cooling thing, run water over your wrists on the hill in summer and you cool fast and don’t have the wet shirt you’d have if you stuck your head in. I don’t want to know about how it works in the same way that a Wallaby cools itself by licking its armpits and it’s the evaporation of the spit. Too much information.
Whatever, I’ve been wearing this thing for months. It’s done the West Highland Way, mountains, days out and more, and has wiped sweat off my brow at every turn. It’s also perfect for stopping square edged guitars like my JayDee V tearing the skin off of my wrist when “throwing shapes”.
It’s a magic wee thing, and it’s got orange in it. I need one for my other wrist. 

17 thoughts on “X Bionic Head and Hands”

  1. It’s a bizzare concept, the wrist warmer. I was totally unaware of it until I moved over here and all the girls were wearing them in winter. It works though.

    In the summer I use sweat bands a lot. What’s this one made of?

  2. Orange is good!

    Never really thought about the whole wrist heat thing on the hill conciously but I know that I automatically pull the sleeves of my widproof up when I get hot. It’s more effective than pulling the neck zip down.

  3. The wrist band sounds interesting, i quite often use a buff soaked in water for wrist/neck cooling in the summer….what’s the RRP and where can they be aquired?

    i’ve seen a couple of aussie band things that have crystals in that soak up the cold water, you then put them round your neck and that aids cooling, they apparently keep cool for ages but they looked a bit daft and were a bit heavy.

  4. I’m sure the Wallaby is coming out this Spring, was it £12, £15 maybe even £17? I will be corrected if need be, my memory is like an old bag of lego.

    It’s a firmer fabric than the Trekking kit, although it’s thick and spongey, creating those little chmneys you can see which go through to the thin base layer.

    It’s damned handy and stays dry. How I made it through the 80’s in terry towelling I’ll never know…

  5. Ok,my first ever gear related question.I seem to sweat a lot at my wrists when I have my waterproofs on.It’s happened with my Lowe Alpine Rush and now with my Rab Drillium. If I have a long sleeved baselayer on underneath the cuffs end up soaking.Would the wristbands help here or would it just help keep me more comfortable because they’re easy to remove ? if so how quick do they dry?

  6. Pat, I used to suffer the exact same thing, but now I don’t. I’ve no idea when it stopped or why. I’ll need to remember that and see if I notice something.

    The Wallaby only ever gets damp, it never seems to get overloaded on me, and it does dry quick.
    I think everyone’s reaction to it might be different, but I do find it comfy and annonymous.

    But, I had some comms waiting for me when I got home, and I might have some of these to give away. More news as I get it!

  7. Right if there’s any of these to give away in a competition Please!!! Let me win!? They’ll be the only competition I could enter (sunglasses without a prescription were no use to me and I don’t drink coffee – not even Lyons coffee from a handy bag!). Please ?!?!!… I’ll never ask anything ever again. :o)

  8. Listen, I’ve still got the coffee, I don’t have all the addresses yet… Hello people?

    There will be a competition of sorts, more later. But it will be a fastest wins rather than right answer thing. I’ll know more next week, all will become clear.

  9. You got a studio aye? If you’re ever looking to rent a couple of Empirical Lab Distressors, Focusrite 8 stereo mic pre or a Trident MTA Series 80 dual channel give me a shout and I’ll give you a good rate;)

  10. Aye, indoors that’s a smell that cannae be beat. Except perhaps for the smell of a fresh roll of 2 inch tape being rolled on.

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