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Just in for test is this retro wonder. It’s a blend of polyester and cotton, not something you see much of these days, certainly not in jackets. It has a fixed hood, six external pockets, two zipped, two lower patch with hand-warmers behind. The body is long, longer than most current shell jackets so it’ll keep the weather off of my arse. The full length zip has a wide poppered storm flap, as do the cuffs, and the hem and large hood have cord adjustment.

Bollocks, I’m not fooling anyone am I?
It’s yet another H&M plunder of long forgotten hillwalking gear for their autumn collection. If it said “Design courtesy of Peter Storm” somewhere I wouldn’t be surprised.
Still, it’s purple, I mean, of course I was going to get it. And there’s a skull on the wee black badge! Joy!

Anyway, back to the proper waterproof first look…

13 thoughts on “World Exclusive”

  1. I think this jacket is seriously cool – it’s definitely the way forwards. With that many pockets you wouldn’t need a daypack, thus saving lots of weight.

  2. I was waiting on tenterhooks (whatever they are) for the purple polycotton review & wasn’t disappointed. The skull has swung it for me!

  3. The design looks like a direct lift from my 1982 Berghaus Kang jacket…. only that was a Thinsulate-lined goretex thing weighing 1kg….. and green! :))

  4. More of a synthetic duvet jacket really. Top stuff in it’s way, but it took up half of my 30 litre Karrimor Tatra daysack!

  5. Probably not, I remember when H&M did a Black Sabbath t-shirt that I couldn’t find in a size large I discovered that their website was entirely useless.
    But times change, I’ll have to go and see if it’s the same…

  6. Haaha the exact thought I had! must be one of the most silly clothing websites Ive ever used.

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