Woo Who!

I’ve really enjoyed watching Peter Capaldi making the role of the doctor his own. He’s more like the Doctors of my childhood, unpredicable, odd, alien.
I thought Matt Smith was going the same way but they pushed him into a much softer portrayal, all zany waving arms instead of using the mad steely eyes he started out with.

The Master is now a burd which is brilliant, she knew that painful to watch kiss she gave the Doctor would mess with his head even more when he realised who she really was, and that is just what kind of mind games the Master of the old days would have played.
Doctor Who feels like it’s gone full circle, darker and stranger and as much as I’ve enjoyed it since it came back, this current series (even with its faults) has made me realise what I’d been missing.


4 thoughts on “Woo Who!”

  1. It was a good episode, the last couple went a bit too GrangeHill for me.We’d been waiting for a female Master to turn up since the end of the last Master episode when a lassie picked up the Masters ring. The clues to the Cybermen were brilliant in this episode,well worth watching twice. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Oh, wasn’t it GOOD! I can’t wait for the next episode.

    I agree with Pat, the Q shape dotted around was a nice hint to Whovians of what was to come!

  3. Ah, there was so much going in part two I don’t know quite what to make of it?!

    The Brigadier as Cyberleader (his ears were painted black, very subtle touch that) whatever the rights and wrongs of that whole bit of the plot, I’ll take that one happily :D

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