Woo Ghosties

Tonight’s bedtime stories for Holly were a little different. We had the Cailleach and her magic cow in the legend of Loch Awe and we had the story of how the farmer’s daughters became the Five Sisters of Kintail with a spell.
She loved it just as much as the Doctor Who picnic story, so we’ll be having those again.
I’m going to brush up on my legends, there’s so much stuff from around here and it’ll be great fun, plus I can add in whatever Cbeebies characters I like.
A great resource is Tom Atkinsons “The Lonely Lands” which I lent to someone about two years ago and never saw it again.
Ebay or Amazon…

4 thoughts on “Woo Ghosties”

  1. Awesome photie!

    Kids love stories, even in this age of TV, internet and DVDs I’m always amazed how captivated the young kids become when I read them a story at work. Spellbound.

    Local folklore helps to embed the fantasy. On a recent ski guiding trip for teenagers I reinforced the local’s stories of The Postman, a sorry chap who got lost and died in a terrible storm a long time ago and is still trying to deliver the post to this day. By relaying the story on a candlelit snowshoe trek I watched cooler-then-you teenagers suddenly go a little pale as the candles started to fizz out in the middle of the woods.

    No-one wanted to be at the back of the line on the walk back to the hostel!

  2. Brilliant :o)

    One of the places I do maintenance is a story telling centre, all designed for it to with underfloor heating for the kids to sit on and listen.
    It’s a great thing to keep alive, a few years back there was “Highland Mystery World” in Ballachulish which had similar plans and was aimed at engaging adults as well, but it was never given enough funding or enough of a chance to get running and folded.

    Now , how can I get a Cyberman into Kintail tonight…

  3. “Now , how can I get a Cyberman into Kintail tonight…”

    That’s a trick question, surely? We all know the answer is “through a hole in the fabric of space and time” :)

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