Wipe your feet before entering

I know it’ll be back, but the snow’s almost all gone from the hills I was tramping last week. Ben Lomond has a few wee snotters on it’s brown slopes and it’s a wee bit sad looking, unexpectedly bare if you know what I mean, like a patch of darker paint on a museum wall hidden for year behind a just-stolen masterpiece.
I like that thought, winter hills are indeed masterpieces. Snow seems random, but the wondrous swooping or jagged forms it creates look sculpted by an inspired and imagination fired hand.
Then we just walk across it while gawking at the view. Idiots.

6 thoughts on “Wipe your feet before entering”

  1. Don’t worry, the snow will be back next week.
    Maybe down to low level as well mid week.
    That’ll cause fun in the Erskine Bridge queues as cars try to skip the half hour (or more) wait in a queue and force their way in.

    Should stay cold for a while afterwards as well.

  2. Aye, this worries me a bit. I’ll be in the Mourne Mountains next week and I want both good weather and to be able to get home.

    Don’t mention the bridge.

  3. You’ll be able to get back. It’ll just be on a sled :-)
    It’ll be chilly overnight, could be down to -10C at sea level on Tuesday night.
    Shouldn’t be any problems on the ferries later in the week though Tuesday or Wednesday might have some strong winds.

  4. I’m flying which might be better or worse, certainly quicker on paper, all thanks to others though, I’m off making a wee feature.
    I really hope the weather doesn’t screw this trip up, I’ve been looking at maps and photies of the Mournes for weeks now and I’m really looking forward to it, plus I have to come back with usable material.
    I bet I hexed myself with those two great days last week!

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