Winfield C60

The weather says no. And I’m kinda disappointed.
Today I actually, properly realised that I really miss being out there, the sights, the sounds, the cold fingers and nose that you get at this time of year, 7am cuppas at 900m. Time has skipped forward a big chunk without me noticing, and I feel a little melancholy.
I’m excited to go back into the hills with a tent. It’s like looking forward to going to the Apollo to see Judas Priest 30 years ago.
I’m glad it’s like that.

4 thoughts on “Winfield C60”

  1. Howdy :o) I’m back online, finally!

    Ach you’ll be oot soon enuff I expect, I cant wait for winter this year either!

    I heard about the row over on OM about the Falldoon from TBW at the wall the other day. All I can say is dont pay any attention to the dissenting ar5eholes.

    Will see you on a mountain soon enuff I expect!

  2. Put some Judas Priest on… let the weather pass and you’ll be in a fine mood for the hills when it happens.

    I’m not so sure that Rob Halford and wild camping should be mentioned in the same sentence however!

  3. All is well.
    It’s been so wet today I think then hills will be a waterslide all weekend. Bugger that.

    Lets see the long range forecast…

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