The view from my living room window crops up on here a lot,  and tonight’s fiery sunset was a classic camera moment.
But the police helicopter was holding station above me, I heard sirens too. Drug dealer’s car about to race through the village, hopefully into a lamp post? Let’s see.
I saw firefighter beige and hi-viz on the harbour wall, something happened to a boat maybe, the tide’s on the turn and it’s moving fast, I bet some daft bugger’s grounded on the rocks of the rubble wall trying to get back into the harbour, I’ll away and get the binoculars and see if it’s someone we know.
I found them and when I looked out I was amazed to see the red and grey thundering shape of  a rescue Sea King lowering it’s cable with a rescuer at the end waving directions. Oh, maybe someone’s slipped down the harbour wall and they’re stuck, they’ll be okay, these boys know their stuff. We’ve had stolen distress beacons going off down there before bringing out the chopper, anything’s possible, and there’s usually smiles and embarassment afterwards.
The rescuer rose back into view and below him was something that I should have been expecting having lived here so long, but it just didn’t occur to me. I dropped the binoculars as fast as I could and walked away from the window.
I can’t imagine the heartache and utter despair that takes someone over the railings of the Erskine Bridge, but there’s far too many people find themselves there with nothing or no one to hold them back.

4 thoughts on “Window”

  1. A large dash on melancholy in this post Peter. Sometimes I need that reminder that no matter how bad it gets, someone, somewhere is contemplating things that don’t bear thinking about…

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