Will I eat that second cream slice?

The fact that I could hear the quior singing above me meant that no matter how fast I went I wasn’t getting the heating finished in time for the service.
I threw the tools in the motor and checked my phone messages. Elaina, Sandy and Louise were heading up the Kilpatrick’s and I thought I might head back to base, pack my gear and see if I could catch them.

Bastard headwind. I took the usual ascent route and fought against an ever increasing wind which eventually brought me to a standstill and I had to push the bike up an easy bit. Passing children were pointing at laughing at the red faced old man.
I phoned the guys and they were on Doughnot Hill, I’d meet them on the trail at the reservoir. The trail was very different in the daylight, I’d kinda forgotten how nice it is up there when you can see it. I spun happily on my way, there was no real “training” here. Lack of motivation because I was solo maybe, bored with preparation and just wanting to get on with it?
I sat by the water and waited for my my pals to descend. I could see them wandering down and I sat by the water, feeling the sun on my neck. Just a hint of the wind was making it through the trees and catching the tops of my ears, the sunlight sparkled on the little waves on the waters surface. Too long since I’ve sat and just breathed it all in.

I met my pals to much rejoicing and merry banter, briefly disturbed by arseholes on dirt bikes. We worked our way around down and I left them at the top of the steep run to Overtoun. But it was even wetter and looser than the during the week, and even in daylight it was a good bit slower. I stopped and got the camera out.
It’s probably not the most scenic spot, but I love it. The burn has cut deep into the volcanic landscape, showing layers of lava and ash, the pine trees still stand firm in their line facing the exposed moor. The colours grow warmer as the air grows colder. It’s just magic up here.
I sped the last of the trail and met a fell runner who is as keen on his local ground as I am. Good lad.
We all met up again at the fence at Overtoun and then it was down to the currently well frequented BP garage for cuppas and banter in the sunshine.
A good day.

8 thoughts on “Will I eat that second cream slice?”

  1. Befor you know it it’ll all be over & done with and you’ll be thinking ip your next madcap scheme ;-)

  2. That’s just happened, I’m getting a new lightweight Wheelie in for test. The folks at Radical Design updated it with feedback from me and the folks that commented on it on here. So, where will I take it this time…

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