Wild Stripes L/S Crew – New Version. Look at the colours! Look at the colours!!

The new season test kit’s been coming in for the last few weeks, lots to talk about over the next wee while, but I wasn’t expecting this one below when it turned up unannounced in a plain wrapper.
Long term listeners might know of my fondness for Chocolate Fish and Wild Stripes baselayers. They’re as different as you’re likely to get as the Fish are merino and the Stripes are polypropylene, but they come from the same factory in New Zealand so there’s a consistency of quality here as well as a delightful simplicity and outstanding function.

Just about to hit the virtual shelves is an update of Wild Stripes fine Long Sleeve Crew Neck. The updates are what it needed, the arms are much longer and have thumbloop cuffs, just like the Zip Neck.
Then of course we have the new colourway, purple and orange stripes, which just might be called Munro. I will be wearing this a lot in the coming months, I expect no less service from this than its predecessors and I’ll be updating on that.

Purple and orange stripes. Am I dreaming?

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