We’re nearly away, I’m watching for the minibus oot the windae.
There’s been a last minute change, the road bikers contracted a bad case of scurvy at suspiciously short notice, so there’s just the four of us now.

There’s a couple of ways to keep track of our progress. I’ve got a SPoT map running courtesy of Adventure Trading Post, that’s right here and in miniature too, just a wee bit to our right there.
Phil’s got his own stuff running from his blog too.

I’ll be sending regular Twitter updates to here, and Craig will send updates on the runner’s progress here.

It’s came around awfully quick I’ll tell you. I don’t feel ready, but I’m with my chinas, the sun is out for the moment and I suppose we’ll see what happens.
Thanks for all the messages of encouragement and abuse. I love you all.
Thanks also to the following companies who have given us some amazing equipment support to take the rough look off us, Julbo, Haglöfs, Montane, Mountain King, PHD and Smartwool.
There will be an avalanche of reviews after this from all of us, and I’m taking other test kit as well.

Ah well, let’s get on with it.

22 thoughts on “WHW*Falldoon

  1. I’ll have the Irn Bru reading for the re-fueling ;-)

    Good luck though I know you wont need it

  2. Just back from catching up with the team. The Runners & Riders are alive, knackered & in good spirits.

    They’ve re-fueled and will no doubt be giving it lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as we speak :-)

  3. Thanks so much folks.

    It was a weekend that I won’t forget in a hurry. There was joy, disappointment, pain, inspiration and everything inbetween.

    I’m glad we gave it a shot, I’m glad that I’m home.

    There’s a story or two to be told, I’ll be working on that soon. Pretty soon anyway.

    More cuppas first.

  4. I hope bumping into me isn’t the disappointing part :-).Well done, I’m looking forward to the stories.

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