We failed before. I learned, I trained, I was wanting to go in winter but I may have missed it.

The West Highland Way-Fast and Light.


A team of three one going North to South, over three days, carrying all my supplies. This time there will be additional elements of fun attached. We’re working out the detail with the good folks at The Adventure Trading Post of using the trip as a test for their SPOT Satellite Tracker. So insomniacs, those feeling unpressurised in their offices or not impressed with the telly should be able to monitor my progress/ see if I’m lying/ see if I crash and burn.

How this will work will become clear I’m sure, it’ll be a blast.

Aye, that’s torn it. I’ll have to go now…

20 thoughts on “WHW 2”

  1. Bit spooky this.

    I was reading about your previous attempt only a couple of days ago on the LFTO forum.
    The satellite tracker will be interesting, a bit like the NORAD tracks Santa site we do with the children at Christmas, only in Scotland and no presents for the kids.

    I’ll be unpressurised in the office, so thank you for the continued entertainment!

  2. I didn’t know the old report was still on there. Poor Brian, his feet were like raw mince.

    It’ll be fun if it works. Although if the pin stops too long at Tyndrum you’ll know we’ve sold out and we’re in the Real Food Cafe :o)

  3. Are you going to train for it this time :p ? My mate`s doing it at Easter, he`s planning on a bit more leisurely pace though. I`d love to go too, but have to work, plus family commitments! He`s planning on taking considerably less weight than he did on the Dales way last year, was even considering his 35 litre sack and a bumbag, but is now opting for his bigger Osprey, just with less extra items in.

  4. Yes er, training hard…

    I’m still trying to figure out the kit I’m taking. The weather is a big factor. It’ll be Plan A and Plan B until the night before we go.

    Not nervous, nope. No fear of a second public failure at all…

  5. Perhaps that didn`t come across very well. I wasn`t taking the p***, I was just picking up on what Steve Perry said about preparation before a trip like that after your last attempt, working up to it a few weeks before, not just going for it.

  6. shuttleworth, you should have been taking the piss, we disgraced ourselves last time :o0 :o)

    I did take on board all the suggestions from last time and I’ve been trying to get the miles in. I’ve found that the wee bits of trail running I do work the same muscles that locked solid last time.
    Playing with sock and footwear combinations as well.

    Reasonably optomistic at the moment.

  7. Kev, these are the ones I use if I remember to keep stock http://www.expeditionfoods.com/shop/index.php?cPath=23&osCsid=70bc2bd7b3b25ba4ee28c8afbbb5d667
    Failing that the Reiter Travel Lunchs. The Reiter “Energy Muesli” is a favourite, but all the Expedition Foods own brand stuff is fantastic. It’s got proper texture, it doesn’t taste artificial and the ingredients seem to back that up.
    I sometimes dunk and oatcake in it and I always eat a protien bar (Honey Stinger or High5) when I stop and I’m setting up the tent. I really does help your body recover overnight and I never get hungry in the hills these days.

    Now that I’ve looked that link up, it’s time to and get the credit card.

  8. Thanks ptc. I had that link in my favourites at some point but it seems to have vanished. Yes, time to get ordering.

  9. I just ordered up as well. It’ll be porridge with strawberries on the WHW. Chicken Tikka…Tuna and Pasta…
    It’s easy to run up a huge bill when you know the ones you like…:oD

  10. Aye it’s had a revamp where they removed all that useful information that was cluttering it up. Not exactly helpful to new customers.

  11. Looking forward to your WHW adventure. Will follow with interest. I’m doing the section from FW to Ardlui in (hopefully!!) 24hrs for the Caledonian Challenge so should pick up some good tips. Forewarned is fore-armed. When are you starting?

  12. The last week in March is when I’m away. It’s solo now as well, Craig is off to the States that week.

    The top part of the WHW that you’re doing on the challenge is the best part, the scenery is fantastic and the trail is away from the road.
    In our botched attempt last year we got from Ft Bill to Bridge of Orchy with about 13 hours of walking I think it was, with a camp in Glen Coe to split it.

    Ft Bill to Ardlui in 24hrs should be fun indeed. I think as long as your legs and feet are ready for it you’ll be fine. It’s an odd thing the WHW. I learned that it’s not difficult as such, it’s the constant pounding step after step that wears you down. I wasn’t ready for that at all the last time.

    This time? Maybe…

  13. I too will be interested in the Spot Tracker report, although I’m not sure it would meet my requirements under its current spec. I was hoping at some stage to have my position displayed in real time on Memory Map on the PC at home: MM have provided the software and web service to do this for quite a while, but the stumbling block has always been the hardware to transmit my position to their web servers.

    I was thinking of attempting this WHW-in-3 caper S to N, but it’s been a long time since my regular day walks were 20+ miles and this would involve 32 miles a day. Still it’s a possibility. Also I would need to arrive the night before and stay (or preferably pitch a tent) near the start and the same at the end in the evening.

  14. It’ll be a good test right enough Geoff, it looks like a good piece of kit. The weekend before I’ll do 20+ miler and we’ll see how it works.
    Since I’m going solo now I suppose it becomes even more important that it works well. It’s an added bit of confidence for the Kings House to Bridge of Orchy section which I’ll probably be doing in the dark.

    You’re out and about plenty, I don’t think you’d have trouble finding the few extra miles in your legs. You could actually camp a few miles into it, after Mugdock Country Park, starting from the south.

    I’ll do a detailed write up when I come back. No lies either, if I suffer I’ll tell you all about it.

  15. Aye it’s had a revamp where they removed all that useful information that was cluttering it up. Not exactly helpful to new customers.

    Website design aside, they deliver quick. My stuff’s here already :o)

  16. Aye, they’re a good bunch. Ian the boy that runs it always responds to emails quick and he does have all the info if you ask for it.

    Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow.

    I have to ask Kev, what did you get?

  17. Korma, Tikka and the Tuna & Pasta as main meals. Rice Pudding and Apple & Custard for afters. Add some oatcakes, a couple of pittas or chapattis and I’ll be good to go. Half a Golden Syrup cake wouldnae go amiss either :o)

  18. Good lad :o)

    Here, the pittas are a good idea. It would take a few seconds to heat them up on the stove flame.

    Aye, puddings are a concern…I took a packet of four yumyums one trip last year. Two for after dinner and two for breakfast. Jeez.

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