Whoa there cowboy

Just had a skim down the page and it’s almost all gear. Let’s not go down that road again, time to break it up a little.

The photie below was taken at 0836 on the 27th of February this year by a widely grinning bearded man. As views over a pot of porridge go, it’s not a kick in the arse away from perfect. I wonder what this winter holds for us all?
I’ve got plenty to look forward to during the season, the Mournes of Northern Ireland, a few days in Glen Coe, another trip to Skye (it’ll be raining with sea level cloud), Torridon and camping on an Atlantic beach amongst other stuff which I’ll make up as I go along.
First though is tomorrow, not winter coloured at all, in fact the weather looks bloody awful and the first thing I’ll be doing is catching a ferry across Loch Lomond. I’m holding onto the hope that the trek north will be through a magical canopy of golden and red leaves. I suppose we’ll see. I bet I get bitten by a goat.


2 thoughts on “Whoa there cowboy”

  1. I know what it holds for me, more gettin’ oot. My lack of motivation and inactivity of late is doing my health and mentality no favours. So it’s back to basics for me and I shall be heading for the hills on a more regular basis. Hopefully with a tent more often than not.

    I just hope I get the weather for some days as cracking as that shot above!

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