Whistle, whistle, longer whistle with an er, diminuendo?

I sat and watched for a while. Nothing moved. I blew at it, laughed and nearly sprayed my Orange and Ginger Nuun on it. I looked around, there was nobody anywhere near me. I knocked gently on the side and waited. I knocked again, still nothing.
I whistled, the same way they whistle. Not a bloody cheep out of them. Maybe they’re nocturnal? Mind you, their wee planet seems to have the same time of day all the time so maybe they’re more like Eskimos, getting used to a low sun all day long.
“Hey, are you in there?”, “Hello?”
The midges were now finished reconnaissance and were beginning straffing runs, it was time to go.

I’m sure as soon I was gone there were Clangers all over the place.

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