Where’s the Sellotape?

It’s nice be busy, so I’m not complaining that it’s suddenly Christmas. It’s a joy this year, Holly is in full Santapsycho mode and in the (Saint) nick of time we’ve pulled it all out of the bag I think.
Yesterday I was 44, an unremarkable age to attain in the grand scheme of things but it was still a lovely day. We sat on the marble floor of Kelvingrove and listened to the orchestra play seasonal tunes as the all the kids danced and ran around. Outside the shops and streets were jammed with panic and mayhem, but the real Christmas was in here.
Like Holly below, the next couple of days will be a blur set to music and lit by fairy lights, a good sleep tonight and I’ll be ready for it. Magic.


It’s the SS Uncertain Times floated on a choppy sea of change that we’re all drifting in, but we’ve found the pause button to throw over the side for a wee while.

I wish everyone well, and if not a moment or two of joy, at least a moment of peace.

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