Where’s that rubbish stuff?

I’m still working my way through writing the reviews on my WHW kit and it just struck me that all of it was good. I know folk are always bitching about how something doesn’t fit or it’s broken, or it’s leaking and the shop won’t give them their money back and it was cheaper on the internet and they know their rights and all the rest of it.

It’s just not happening for me at the moment.

As heartening as it is that the quality of the kit is so high, I’ll have to get a hold of something shite for the sake of being able to use some negative adjectives.

8 thoughts on “Where’s that rubbish stuff?”

  1. I’m sure we could all donate you some shite kit – as long as you’ll promise to repeat your WHW escapade with it! ;O)

  2. Could you imagine the whining, the tears, the snotters…

    I dunno though, is there a lot of shite kit out there these days?

  3. Well there are some pretty manky rucksacks about (even if they do say Karrimor on them :O)
    and waterproofs that won’t keep you dry…
    and I’m sure we could find you a bulky, cold sleeping bag! :)

    But no, there’s certainly some great kit, a lot of more than adequate kit, and maybe bad kit is not so much downright bad as inappropriate…?

  4. You’ve seen my kit, mate – take your pick – each hand picked item is just like it’s owner – loud, cheap and totally inappropriate.

    If you really want to know if there’s “shite kit out there” then how about, next time we venture out, we swap kit?

  5. Matt, that’s a good point about the New Improved Karrimor. The build quality of a lot it was really taking the piss. I wonder if they’ve smartened up? I shut it all out and cling onto my memories of purple Alpinistes.

    Inappropriate is right, I wonder how many forum sob stories stem from buying something after being recommended by someone a different shape/ seeing it in an advert/ seeing it in a magazine pull-out/ being on a sale rail etc

  6. Das, nah you’re fine. Every photo I’ve got of us is in the pishing rain on some Munro grinning away :o)

    However, your challenge is accepted…

  7. There is indeed plenty of shite kit out there,its been a bit of a trial over the years finding stuff that really works on the hill.I’ve got a fair bit of old kit here that fits the shite description…btw,shite does not always equate to cheap either,theres plenty of really dumb expensive stuff out there…but then thats what ebay is for eh?
    Yeah,the Karrimor saga continues,some of the new stuff looks good,just cant bring myself to part with my cash ‘for curiosities sake’…still have a green Karrimor western isles fleece here somewhere,made out of recycled pop bottles apparently,still did a good job of holding litres of water when it got wet,weighed a ‘kin tonne!

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