Wheels of Steel

Aye, this week is like an episode of Quantum Leap. Or maybe Stargate Universe, but nobody’s watching that as it sends you into a coma, so that’s a rubbish reference point.
Some rather wacky test kit is appearing, Minim Down Pants and Boots from PHD and Trango boots from LaSportiva. Help ma Boab.

Went to see Gary Numan last night at the ABC with my mate Craig (the drummer one, not the angry looking bald one, although he is bald as well, as are we all), it was outstanding. He was touring his ’79 album “The Pleasure Principle” and played it with great care and maybe even affection for the material, apart from Cars which was played way too fast. Daft bugger.
Four keyboard players of stage creates a huge sound using those 70’s synth tones. Metal bands should be jealous of the heaviness.
It was nice to come out into clear skies and crisp air, the rain is gone for the time being. Still is, we have mist out there just now, the trees now over the river are just starting to poke through. After the gig we headed to the west end for cuppas and a snack, and it was like a fair. Christmas has started early, the alleys where the wine bars and restaurants are are full of revelers and fairylights, street vendors and buskers. There was even happy smiley faces in their best outfits, still just a little merry rather than wellied.
Maybe Quantum Leap isn’t far enough for me, maybe it’s more like Lost in Space? Whatever it’s nice to visit another planet now and again.

Now, my dilemma is the weather forecast and it’s effect on what happens to me over the next few days. There’s a window there, but whether I can get through it, or I’ll just get one arm and my head in and get stuck, only a man with a packed rucksack will be able talk about after the attempt.

5 thoughts on “Wheels of Steel”

  1. Go for it mate !
    I was debating if this mist is an inversion.
    I will be at thae base of Cairngorm for the next few days with clear blue skies and snow capped summits, stuck in a workshop being taught how to fix bikes !
    There is one word for that ” CRAP”

  2. Just back from Loch Lomond and Helensburgh, it is an inversion. Cowal looks like an island floating on cloud, Ben Lomond had frilly skirt of cloud and the top end of the loch is bathed in sunshine.
    It’s stunning out there today.

    So, I’ll have a think and maybe pack for tomorrow. I think I might be a day late and dollar short yet again.

  3. It’s very murky here, good thing too as it vindicates my decision to stay in and watch wall-to-wall rugby rather than wildcamp ;-)
    All the wildcamp spots’d be under water anyway.

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