Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 4


Well, it was quite a night, snowed quite a bit. Eh, but I got woken up by the sunlight hitting the tent, still bloody cold though.
And, I decided to leave Wheelie at base, and we’re about… ooh, watch here… get to the summit of Ben Macdui. And a little spot of lunch I dare say.
S’bloody nice. Very clear. You can see how cold it was in the night, all the grass is frozen.
There we go…
No’ bad eh?

4 thoughts on “Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 4”

  1. The wee videos are great! I see a new career beckoning… :o)
    but I do like the written word and photies so will we be getting one of the more traditional posts too?
    I think we think the Cairngorms are too far away sometimes eh, but 2 and a bit hours and you can be there. Takes a bit more planning that’s all.

  2. “I see a new career beckoning…” Aye, heating engineering.

    There is a reason why I haven’t done a written post.
    Last year when I did the lightweight feature in Trail I wrote it up on the blog first as I thought getting all the info down would help when I wrote the piece, but as it happens, it made it more difficult.
    So, this time I’m writing the article, Trail get to pick the photies they want for it and I’ll see how what happens after that. I’ll do something on here later on, it’s a good story, lots of stuff happened and I really do have lots to say on it.
    The good thing about doing it this way is that I’m writing (as we speak) the Trail thing “in character” like a blog post :o)

    Cairngorms? Big single days no doubt, but take a tent and it’s all yours!

  3. Ah I see! Cool. Will wait a wee while longer to read the story. And Yes to writing in character, will they change some of your words though!? Hope not.

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