Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 1

Now, you may think that rattlin’, is this auld guy’s knees. But it isnae.
I’ve got something behind me. And, I’m pullin’ it through the Cairngorms.
As you can see it’s a lovely day.
I’m no exactly sure how high I’m gonnae get this up a hill… Oh, water crossing, let’s see how this goes…
I love having no rucksack!

6 thoughts on “Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 1”

  1. wotcha pete,
    looks pretty nifty that thing. how heavy is it? does it have anyway of wearing it like a rucksack when the ground becomes more lumpy?

    does the rumbling noise behind you get all ya tits after a while?

    many questions…

  2. All will become clear!

    I’ve got some more wee videos coming up, and I’ll do a wee write up on it, but all the best stuff is going into a Trail feature in a couple of issues time.

    It was fun though :o)

  3. Will it take Full windproof/waterproof body, cover, hat gloves, whistle, map and compass?

    If so it could be ideal for fellrunners who dont like bumbags.

  4. Plenty of room for all that :o)

    Plus, all the extra space for pastries, snacks, I can’t remember the last time I was out with a proper carton of milk for my cuppas!

  5. Nah, I just put it in the middle away from the sun, and then at the flap when the snow came on :o)

    I did consider a coolbox though. Having dragged this thing up to Loch Etchachan it’s actually opened up practical options for base-camping. It’s genuinely not as daft as it might seem.

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