Cartwright couldn’t contain her excitement as she looked out her window and saw the fluffy new snow through the window. She pulled on her hat, grabbed her sledge and ran outside.
She ran down the street to the park, everybody stopping to stare, “Ha, they’re jealous of my new sledge” she thought. Up the hill she climbed and at the top she threw herself onto the sledge and flew back downhill “Wheeee!!!!!” she cried all the way down, and finally came to a halt at the bottom where everyone else had stopped to watch her, leaning on their sledges, smiles on their faces. “Did you see how fast I went?” she asked, expecting nothing but praise. “Aye misses” came the measured reply “I wouldn’t go so fast next time though…” “And why’s that?” she pouted back, sure that they were all just jealous of her fine downhill technique. “Nah, your sledging is gallus, but I’d probably take my time and remember to put on my pants before running down the park…”

8 thoughts on “Wheeee…..”

  1. There are just so many things you could say about that photie. Due to the offence it may cause i feel some rare restraint coming on. Do you think she waxes it, the sledge.

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