What’s my password again?

Where to begin? Never been up and down this wee country as much as I have these past few weeks, on mountains, under mountains and no where near mountains.
All good though, there’s diverse results to report from it all including a coming-soon feature in Trail mag (featuring something of a return to my old “this looks like a good idea” trips) and a painted mural at Lochaber High School.

Not written so much on here though, or indeed looked at the place, it just kills my phone battery. In fact, that’s a sore point. My and a photographer were in the outback for a couple of days and my phone battery died. Except that apparently it saves just enough power to sound your alarms, so at 0745 it went and then after the five minutes snooze period. Then in another five minutes and another and another… I couldn’t silence it, there was no power to the screen or buttons. I wrapped it in a sock and then in my down jacket at the bottom of my pack so we didn’t go insane. The irony is that the sun shone the whole time and the Brunton solar charger than had come in for test was sitting in the motor. Bloody hell.

So much gear to talk about, all of it needing washed. I’m watching some tick bites for activity as well, I’m liking the current fading.
The big news is 13, Black Sabbath’s new album. I like it, which I’m surprised about, and grateful too since I’d pre-ordered the card busting limited edition box set. Plus denim jeans are 140 years old. All this and more coming soon.

I was a guest on BBC Scotland’s Out Of Doors last week, which is still up here. Up at 5, on at half 6 and had a fine time in the Loch Lomond sunshine as swimmers swam past and birds swooped past taking as many midges as they could, bless them.
More local stuff tomorrow, I’ll be in the Kilpatricks as a fully logo-ed ranger, come and say hello.
Then what, Kintail again I think?


8 thoughts on “What’s my password again?”

  1. Here, that’s early for getting the August issue.
    Haven’t seen the on-the-page version yet since I did the photie captions etc, but I was pleased with it, Dan did a great job on the editing.
    More when I see it!

  2. Sometimes I get one month and the next within 2 weeks of each other so it’s anybody’s guess when it’ll arrive. Moving house all of this week though so no time to read!

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