West Highland Way-Tired and Emotional

0503hrs today it was at Milngavie town centre when the SPOT pinged the satellite for the last time.

It was a very interesting few days. I’ll have plenty to say about being out there, the kit, the Way, the people and all the stuff inbetween.

Thanks for all the messages of support and all of the kind words since I got back. I am tired and emotional indeed.

11 thoughts on “West Highland Way-Tired and Emotional”

  1. Would you believe that all my leg joints are fine. I had a twang in my hip on day one and that was it. Knees, hips and ankles are all in good order.
    My calf muscles are a bit tight now and the soles of my feet are shiny!?

  2. Good to hear that you’re back safe and well and that everything went ok,looking forward to reading more of the adventure when you get round to writing it.

    The soles of your feet are shiny eh?…no blisters?

    So whats next?are we gonna see you do another epic,maybe with you wearing a pair of the ultimate lightweight footwear…the Vibram five fingers?!

    Seriously though,well done!

  3. I got a blister between two of my toes which is a first. It feels like I’ve stood on a peanut and it’s gotten lodged in there.
    My feet are gloss yacht varnish shiny. I think my socks (which I did change) became more of a T-Cut and chamois combination by yesterday.

    What’s next indeed! :o)

  4. Nice one, well done :D

    Enjoyed watching the pushpins appear on the website, got a crate of beers in and sat in front of the computer all weekend, hitting refresh every minute.

    As I was on holiday last week, I didn’t get chance to enter the competition. Can I put you down for arriving at Milngavie at 0503 on Monday morning? :)

  5. Was working over the weekend and enjoyed watching your progress. Fantastic achievement! Well done

  6. Good effort buddy – that puts my ski touring back in the shade!

    See you soon with some NEW KIT lol!


  7. Good to c u finished, finished monday never got to bump into u.
    Day 1 0630 ft will – 2030 bridge of orchy
    Day 2 0800 bridge of orchy – 1930 inversnaid
    Day 3 0700 invrsnaid – 2045 milngavie
    usual sore feet no blisters this year feelin a bit drained
    how r u feelin , r u goin to try 3 days again do u think 2 is a possibility?
    Anyway got to get myself together my brothers doing a cont round of the munros (in the news of the world a couple of weeks ago,did u see him)so will be keeping him as much company as poss when i can get the chance.
    So well done and i might bump into up hill one day

  8. Anything down to 15 and a half hours is a possiblity :o)

    I made and arse of it by leaving at lunch time on Friday, otherwise I’d have been fine. So any suffering on my part was self inflicted. I didn’t alter my plans, I still stopped at all the places I meant to, sat and made a brew, watched the scenery go by etc I just walked into the night and had to stretch myself as the weekend went on.
    To be honest, it made it more of an adventure.

    Never saw the news story, that’t quite a commitment doing a continuous round. Good luck to him! I’ll watch out for updates.

    Aye, see you out there at some point!

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