COMPETITION! We have a winner!


The winner will recieve a BigAgnes beanie, a BigAgnes Frisbee, an Optimus Folding Titanium Spork, a Petzl e+lite courtesy of FastandLight and trail food goodie bag.

The question was both obvious and easy…

  • When will I arrive back at Milngavie?

The answer is 0503hrs, 7/4/08

Das is our winner with his convoluted way of giving us 0543hrs on 7th April. Forty minutes out? Good lad, prizes on their way!

26 thoughts on “COMPETITION! We have a winner!”

  1. Give us a more detailed list when you can PTC,did my hike last year in 4 days,would love to do it in the winter,hope you have a good trip.

  2. Cheers Simon. I’ll keep updating as I go. I’ll have a comprehensive list before I head off (I hope!).

    Some of the test kit is going to be close to the wire getting here in time for going along by the looks of it.

    Still not decided on shoes either…

    Plenty time yet.

  3. Did mine in terrocs,really good apart from extended time on the hard pack trails,you can move really quick but at the end of the day your feet are crying(well mine were anyway) my base weight was about 4kgs,this was before i really started to cut weight down,i have got a wacky idea to do it solo at the end of the year with ultralight gear,wonder where i got that idea from;)

  4. I like the Terrocs, I used them for mountain backpacks up until winter last year. Grippy and a very intuative feel. I just don’t think my heels would last the distance in them.

    I don’t know what weight I’ll be carrying yet. It should be cold and I’ll be hoping for a good sleep, so I’m taking a warm (heavy) sleepmat.
    But I’m going to drop some of the food and eat out at times. That’s for sanity, morale, drying out, weight and lack of a lightweight/small packing chicken roasting accessory reasons :o)

    It’ll be good to see how far you can push the weight and maintain a level of comfort. It would be easy to carry almost nothing, get good weather and have an absolute ball on the trail.

  5. Would be interesting to find out what shelter/sleeping bag etc you will be using,i fluctuate between Hilleberg tents,Henry Shires tarp tent and a MLD grace tarp and soul bivy,been experimenting with a quilt lately aswell(nunatak) i had thought about doing it under a tarp but would probably go the tarp tent direction,who knows!!

  6. It’s 99% certain I’m going in the BigAgnes eVent bivy. It’s got a tiny pack size and works so well.

    Sleeping bag, probably the new Rab Quantum TopBag AR. It’s got 200g of down (all on the top of course), no zip and weighs about 450g.
    I’ll see what the best combo is.

    The BigAgnes stuff works so well together as a system though, the bivy/bag/mat together is probably the best sleep system I’ve used. They’ve got some killer lightweight bags for this season as well.
    The Laserlite/comp is king though if the weather is anything other than lovely.

    I’m a bit skewed in my gear choices because I’m almost always camped above 900m. That’s whay I went lightweight, sod lugging all that old kit up to the top all the time :o)

  7. Been looking at the TopBag myself. I reckon it would work really well in combination with another summer-weight bag to beef them both up to a good winter-weight biffer.

    I’d be interested to hear what it’s like on its own. The neck area looks like it could be draughty perhaps?

  8. It could be, the previous Rab version didn’t have a hood at all. The new one seems to have a hood of sorts. It’s on it’s way, so I’ll report back.

    I love the feeling of using a top bag, it’s just like being in bed, but cosier!

  9. Oh… sounds like I’ve only seen the old version in Outside Hathersage.

    That’s interesting – better be careful when buying not to get the old stock!

  10. Aye, if the hood is good it’ll address the weak point for sure.
    But I don’t know, in milder weather would it be okay hoodless?

    It does have a potential to be miserable if you can’t cinch it in around you.

    We’ll see, I’ll get photies up as well.

  11. I think you’ll like the Pacerpoles they’re brilliant for hiking especially with a pack.

    Unless there’s a sudden heatwave across Scotland I think you’ll freeze at night in that bag bigtime. There’s still plenty of snow on the hills in Scotland at the moment and it’s been sub zero a lot at night, -8 in some places. Got friends up there been doing plenty of winter climbing. Think you should be looking at a minimum of 600g.

  12. This is where the lightweight ethic comes in. The bag is essentially the top half a 400g bag which would have -6C rating. But underneath, the Exped mat has a use rating down to -17C. Plus I’ll be wearing layers as necessary.
    I’m quite happy with the kit, and I never put myself in a hazardous position.

    If it did turn much colder next week I’d maybe switch to the new Big Agnes Zirkel UL and TwoTrack mat which arrived last week, but they’re more mountain that trail.

    I’ve been checking out the snow, Ben Lomond and the Arrockar Alps just behind me are plastered. Fantastic in this sunshine.

    Great link btw Steve.

  13. It’ll be intersting to see how the big agnes bivi and the rab bag combination pans out,just hope the weather holds out for you,the weather down here at the mo is shite,blowing a gale and chucking it down,was out in the beacons this morning and the walk was less than pleasant(the talon 33 definately needs a liner!),but hey ho thems the breaks…

    my guess on arrival time is april 6th 23.23 hours.

    Good luck

    ps download the new korpiklaani album for the i-pod,it’ll keep you grinning!

  14. Aye, will the Rab bag be warm enough? I’m saying yes at the moment…
    Good point about the liner, the LIM45 seems very water resistant, but I’m taking no chances.

    I’ll away and have a listen.

  15. Good luck next week mate, as for finishing time, well …

    The last train you can get on the Sunday with connections to Bowling would be the 22:41 (, but how sad am I? Also, I voted for the “Capricorn One” scenario, which would mean you could pick and choose your own finish time anyway.

    So, to hopefully rule myself out – as today, no sorry it’s now yesterday (the 29th) was my birthday and I was 43, I’d say you’ll finish on the Sunday at 29:43 (bear with me) which (in my world) equates to 05:43 on Monday the 7th April – that way, you’ll only have an hour to wait for the first train at 06:42 !!!

  16. There is no doubt in my mind that you’ll do this and in a stonking time so long as the weather decides to play ball. Fingers crossed for that. Will get Steve on his weather geek sites to make sure you have up to date info ;-)

    Right ETA Sun April 6th 2008 1948

    Good luck

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