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Part of the motivation for working daft hours yesterday was to get the whole day off today. The telly was some cartoons or other, the sounds were those of tattie scones in a pan, the views across the river to the hills were those of a perfect day for a galavant. Quick, let’s get ready.

I’ve missed Glen Coe, bless its rugged accessibility for folk in jeans and trainers like us. And look, the heather is already fading. Ach

The fairy wasn’t at home, she wouldn’t have slept through Holly’s shouting through the toadstool’s window, so we’ll catch her next time.
In between cuppas and cake in both Glen Coe and Kinlochleven and faffing around in the sun we had a wee wander on the tracks around Kinlochleven. I shouldn’t go on the West Highland Way, just gives me ideas.

Below is the same view I’ve had on here a dozen times, but damn it’s nice. This all just up the road and it’s been months since I’ve been up here between all my A9 nonsense and earning a living. Chips and curry sauce at The Real Food Cafe was the perfect encore after a setlist I could listen to all night.

The title is kinda appropriate for once, and for those of us who remember the name, a little blast from a better past perhaps.

10 thoughts on “West Coast Outdoor Leisure”

  1. Looks like you had better weather than north Wales over the weekend – had to cut short a climb on Cadair Idris on Sunday due to strong winds, rain and the slime dripping down the rock. It was still good to be out though!
    Oh and here’s to a better past – a great loss to FW.

  2. Dripping slime, my favourite :o)

    Talking of Ft Bill outdoor shops, I know who’s opening a new one up on the Hight Street and no one is going to be at all pleased.

  3. I’ll bet it will be Go Outdoors …

    More serious point, did you intend the views of 2 of the 3 sisters to be from a similar viewpoint to the cover photo on the ‘Old Glencoe’ book ???

    … but they ARE very good. Makes me want to redouble my efforts to get North this year 8(

  4. I took the photie on the way up, it was just a happy accident. There’s a cracking shot in the book of another hosre and cart on the bit of the old road that goes high above the new road.

    I want to get up Bidean now as well aftre the weekend, never camped on it so I forsee some tent lugging ;o)

  5. It’s well worth it. I did it one winter to save me the walk in two days running to some climbs. The view when the sun came out on the second afternoon is one of those moments that will never leave me. Now to try and beg some more annual leave so I can head up…

  6. Aye, all those crags catching the morning sun.

    I’m bursting to get out, I do have one nice one in a couple of weeks though, bivy on the Five Sisters ridge :o)

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