Wenger Realtree AP Blaze 55

Wenger Realtree AP Blaze 55 is a helluva name for a Swiss Army Knife isn’t it? I like getting unusual stuff in for test and this is the first of two new knives that have been doing the rounds the past wee while.

I carry a tool all the time, both at work and outdoors be it on foot or on a bike. It’s vital stuff I think, and can’t think of many trips where I didn’t use it for something or other. The Blaze is big fella putting it the work bracket for me, but also into the bushcraft category too, the main blade is big, sharp and locking, you press in the little Swiss logo to disengage the lock and close the blade.

The blade and saw are super useful for me, my work tools must have both of these and the others come into play as well, the reamer means you don’t risk breaking the main blade tip for reaming or digging something out (done that many times) and the screwdriver is always handy. It doesn’t have a philips/pozidrive screwdriver blade which I was initially worried about, but truth be told, its the first thing I always break on a Swiss Army Knife, so maybe this will increase the longevity of the Blaze as a work tool?

It feels like a solid bit of kit at 163g, the grip is pretty good with some dimples on the casing, which is also orange realtree camo. Easy to find in your toolbox or rucksack and invisible to deer as you sneak up behind it to cut its ear off. Or whatever deer stalkers do.

Nice bit of kit and actually very different to Victorinox which is good, nice to have options. I do miss the toothpick and mini tweezers a bit, although they do quickly become unhygienic, but these features are available on plenty other Wenger Swiss Army Knives.

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