Well, it’s the Sign of the Southern Cross

Found unexpectedly outside the living room windae in the middle of the night. Kinda.
In my best Ronnie James Dio voice, “Yes, it’s the sign of the southern cross. Fade away! Fade away!, Break the crystal ball!”
Rummages in CD’s having had memory kick-started…

5 thoughts on “Well, it’s the Sign of the Southern Cross”

  1. Steady on folks! I only stopped by to see what has been happening whilst I’ve been on holiday and you’ve sent me back to my teenage years…

    Anyway, nice shot!

  2. Ronnie James Rare-flare as we used to call him back at school. That ‘On Stage’ album is one of the best live listens ever. FACT.

    *there’s a compilation CD title if ever there was

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