Welcome to Scotland, a few years ago.

Yes, yes, it’s that bloody man again. But, looking behind him, it looks like the old days, snow covered ridges tumbling into the distance.
Will this last? Has winter laid its golden egg already? I hope not, I could bear the inconvenience of this slippery surface for while yet.
Maybe ’til April?

17 thoughts on “Welcome to Scotland, a few years ago.”

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say your blog is excellent! Fabulous writing, great kit reviews and breathtakingly beautiful photography! I will certainly be back and thank you for helping to motivate me even more from couch potato to walker! Great work, keep it coming and Merry Christmas!

  2. It is the best non-professional blog out there for sure! Being in London it’s difficult getting up there…you’re making me jealous!

    A small house there for breaks would totally rule…! I love the snow, we’re getting a little now as I write but it won’t stick.

    PS – Are those phd pants?

  3. So who painted that background you’re standing in front of?……………….

    haha i’m just kidding! :o)

    I’m putting in a request for some snow at least until after 6th March. Hey it might happen!

    Btw if you’re passing this way on your way to/from The Hut, drop in for a cuppa. The MacRobert Centre here at work do good cakes!

  4. I’ve read your blog for months now and I’m aware of your thing for the colour purple. When you wrote how u found a purple snow peak mug in Blacks I checked out the Snow Peak website.

    I was thrilled to find they did a blue one and I ordered one from the US on ebay. Today, I received a blue Vargo titanium spork to go with it. YIPPEEEE!

    If you’re interested, there’s a ‘lavender’ Vargo titanium spork selling now on ebay for £7 plus delivery!!!! I know it says lavender, but really it looks a rather macho purple.

  5. I hope you haven’t got one of them blue film backgrounds at home and are just teasing us with video effects pal ;). Typical ordered some crampons, forecast snow, and they’re out of stock. Still my backs feeling better which i will certainly take, so i can hopefully reconvene some outdoor activity.

  6. Hey folks, new and old!

    Thanks for those words, be they kind, sarcastic, hopeful, supportive, purple coloured or invitational. Magic :o)

    Winter is a such a lottery, here’s hoping we all get oot and catch some of the good bits.
    I’ll bet before long there’ll be photies on here of an old bearded guy in horizontal rain…

  7. Aye what kind of axe is that, and what length? I thought you were into shorties. I’ve got a 65cm and although some would say thats long, I think its just right. Hope there’s still plenty snow this weekend, I’ll be in Glencoe if things go to plan.

  8. It’s a Black Diamond Raven Ultra, 60cm long (different to the current version).
    It’s a good length for all-round use, but as ever, at times it’s too long or too short!

    I’m not looking at the weather, I’m fitting a new radiator at home this weekend, and a bit of carpet, moving a socket etc

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