1/ Alright!


I’m PTC, Petesy and Peter Macfarlane. I’m various things: father; heating engineer: musician and occasional freelance outdoor writer and photographer.
Things have evolved on here over the years but I’m still here, still talking, writing and pointing machinery at the scenery.

Thanks for looking in, feel free to comment, criticise or contact me.



75 thoughts on “1/ Alright!”

  1. Hi Petesy, been following for a while, love the reviews. Finally got round to getting a username. How did you manage to get into all this?

    Keep it up.


  2. And a fine sci-fi username it is too!

    How did I get into all this? I’ve always been outdoors, camping and whatnot for almost 40 years, but in my 20s I got more into the Munros and more recently my annoyance with the dogma surrounding mountain safety and appropriate equipment saw me get involved in writing, photies, this blog and equipment reviewing.
    This in turn has led me to accidentally having another job it seems.

    Aye, that’s about it.

  3. Too many computer games as a teenager, its force of habit now!
    Thanks for the reply, no doubt I will dog you for more information soon as I see myself head the same way…

  4. Hi Pete

    Could you please point me in the direction of some gloves you reviewed. They were thin, purple, thermals with silicon grip dots. I think they were sold as horse riding gloves.

    All the very best for Xmas and the new year

  5. Ebay for the gloves, try searching for pimple plam gloves and magic gloves. Check under the equestrian heading at the left side. They’re usually around £2 a pair.
    I still use them all the time, brilliant gloves. Purple isn’t compulsory!

    Thanks More-On, it was an understated elevation to 43 today :o)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both.

  6. Hi PTC.I found your blog from web, haglofs reviews, I also run my blog, and I love haglofs gear too, I live in seoul korea, my nick is ‘nature’
    love outdoor,gear test and review,enjoy camping & backpacking with my family(wife and daughter)
    Pls visit my blog(nature camping,http://nasubiya.blog.me),and tweeter(already you & I followed), I feel we are much alike, I wanna communicate with you as possible

  7. Great to hear from you. It does look like we have a similar outlook on life.
    The blog is excellent, you’re so much better organised than I am!
    Keep in comms.

  8. Hi Pete,
    Do you know how I add a profile piccy to my posts? or why I don’t see the pics on my computer? Some of the other poster’s pics don’t seem to show either!

  9. You know something, I don’t even remember how I did my avatar it’s been so long since I did it.
    I signed into something, uploaded that wee picture and after that it appears anywhere I sign in with my email address.
    I really am rubbish at this stuff.

    In general though, some folks have difficulty with photies on here as they’re hosted externally and some computer security views that with suspicion apparently!?

  10. Logged in here at last Peter. Just getting ready for my first overnighter in the Spring. Maybe stick to The Kilpatricks for the first night!!

  11. PTC, could we sort out the useage of apostrophes?
    FAQs – see Qs is questions (a plural, so no apostrophe needed).
    Same for munros .
    Ignore autocorrect- it is the devil’s work and knows not what it does!

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