Welcome to Laconia

Snowed on again. Still just a light dusting, but we’re getting there. In such conditions why walk when you can ride.

Or indeed write when you’re now captivated by The Unfinished Swan.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Laconia”

  1. I do seem to have left that stuff out of recent posts.

    Above is a rather nice bike into Ben Lui from Dalrigh. Bloody cold when the snow started.

  2. One of my ancestors was captain of the laconia during ‘the incident’.

    Before that he was captain of the Lancastria.

    As CVs go, not a fantastic one…

  3. Had to google the Lancastria, but the Laconia is one that’s familiar. I wonder how quickly the U-Boat crews adjusted to the kill everyone rule that they’re so well remembered for after the Laconia incident.

    Some CV as you say. I knew one old boy who joined up at the start, got evacuated at Dunkirk, went to Gibralter, went home, got in a tank that he drove on D-Day and ended the war riding a motorbike around ruined Berlin as a despatch rider. Never even caught a cold the whole six years.

  4. Aye, looked like fun that. I get away with murder on my bike, it’s like a couch :o)

    Lui’s a brilliant hill, this was the first time I’ve been here in cloud, I was hoping for a my usual summit block+grin shot but we decided on the Real Food Cafe instead.

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