Wee Koff

A lot to do this week and shite weather to be doing it in. It’s cold, I actually wore something other than a t-shirt yesterday, breaking a 7 month bare arm winning streak.
The evenings are busier than normal too, and due to this it’s probably all over for me, no more outdoors, no more kit reviews, no indeed, I’m too busy racing around San Francisco in a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Yes, I now have a Playstation 3.

What a difference a year makes, the photies are Assynt a year ago this week.

Ach, once the weather clears…

4 thoughts on “Wee Koff”

  1. I was up there in April, inspired by your photos. Amazing area for walking; and quite different to other parts of the highlands.

  2. Pete the PS3 is a great bit of kit not just for gaming, although i am partial to a bit of Call Of Duty myself. For films and photies slideshow on a plasma its tops. The modern version of slides, projector, screen out and instant narcolepsy for your audience,lol.

  3. Assynt is beautiful, and today is exactly the same as the days we had up there, blue sky and high winds.
    Damn I wish I was out there.
    Still watching the forecast, I need two or three decent days for a trip and the middle of next week is looking 50/50, here’s hoping because as it is my arse is getting PS3 shaped. I think as much with frustration as anything I’ve been hammering it late at night.
    Does look good for other stuff though, plenty space for cramming all my crap on there :o)

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