Wear the fox the gear

I was sifting through the archives for some photies for somebody’s thing and found that one below. I keep finding different folders from that same Cluanie trip, the contents of which don’t even seem familiar. Could be my memory, could just be a lot of photies. I seem to take far fewer photies on trips now, I must be trying to save weight.
Anyway, I should be in the far northwest today but I’m not risking it until it’s completely clear as I really want to see something this time, which will have to be in the next two weeks. No pressure. That should probably be high pressure.
In between times I’ll be in and around Ft Bill and beyond. Trail’s up for a few days getting some snowy stuff in the can for later on and I’m doing my bit too, which will include staying in a bothy. It’s probably time for me to update my reference point on staying in a bothy. Aye. We’ll see. There’s a reason why I went to single person tents, lots of reasons.
So wear the fox the gear indeed? I have a mountain of unwritten gear, and two couriers came with more today, I haven’t gone gear-free on here, I’m just run ragged right now and the gaps in running have been filled with not sitting at the Bontempi laptop. But there’s stuff coming, new stuff, exclusive stuff, bright green stuff, black stuff would you believe, familiar brands like Haglöfs, Montane and Jetboil, new brands including Soto, LightMyFire , WildStripes and POE. I’m psyched to get into it again.
But first more pipefitting and going to the mountains. Bugger.

6 thoughts on “Wear the fox the gear”

  1. Fantastic picture. I know what you mean about work before mountains. A gorgeous day here, I’ve been working. It’ll be worth the wait though. Enoy tasting, sorry testing the gear :o)

  2. I’ve wondered how you can possibly manage to test the mountain of gear that seems to flow your way. I find it takes quite an effort to test things one at a time from the same retailer!
    Good luck. Don’t let it get to you!

  3. It just takes longer! That’s why I do updates after trips rather than proper one-off reviews, if kit does something interesting I’ll flag it up as I go and I tend to evolve my opinion as time goes on as well :o)
    The more gear you get to see the easier it is to get a handle on it as well, the similarities and differences usually pop straight out. The truth most gear is “okay”, it’s personal preference that makes the difference.

  4. Aye, the bothy conundrum..I’ve occasionally put my tent up within spitting distance of a bothy. Usually, the freedom to go that bit further, higher or whatever clinches it.

    The one at the W end of Loch Fannich was memorable for the absolute failure for minds to meet when a party couldn’t compute this tentophiles point of view. Ah well, better a contented wierdo…

  5. Personal space, the freedom to be weird without censure, nipping out for a pee with a bare arse. Camping is where it’s at.

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