We wurnae lang awa’

My newly acquired holiday spirit continued to make up for lost time today.
Holly drove us to the Trossachs in a little red tractor. There was gadding about, the viewing of views, drinking of cuppas and generally a rather nice time. The sky was clear and the air was chilled, but the three of us were well wrapped up.

It’s always interesting to note just how closed Scotland is over the winter months, I do maintain that we should have a new sign at the border “Welcome to Scotland, Ye’ll have had yer tea…”. The open places to eat and peruse woollen goods are jumping, the closed shops’ windows are all nose and finger prints from eager and disappointed shoppers.

It was a fine drive back through familiar but lovely countryside. So many hills, none very big (not they’re worried). So few concentrations of habitation, and so close to Glasgow.

Tonight we even saw the sun setting. Quite bouyant as I sit here with a cuppa planning what to do next.

5 thoughts on “We wurnae lang awa’”

  1. We were aiming for the Trossachs when we thought we’d be having a quick hotel break just now, but that plan didn’t pan out so they’ll have to wait for another time. Tomorrow we’re away to the north end ‘o the Yorkshire Dales for some quality frozen bog-trotting and a couple of nights wild-camping…. see you in 2009!

    Hope it’s not bad luck to get it in early…. Happy New Year. :)

  2. Aye it’s nice up Ben Venue Chris, it’s a wee while since I was last there. A very steep descent towards Loch Katrine sticks in my mind!

    No bad luck there Matt, the same to you when it comes. Bringing in the new year in a tent? Alright!

  3. Alas, not this New Year after all as it turns out – just the one night out (at -7C) rather than the two originally planned. But a belting day today – it’s not often you get such a wonderful day of cloud inversion in the Yorkshire Dales! :)

    Hey, I brought in the New Millenium in a tent! On the summit of Carrock Fell, camping inside the iron age hill fort…. starry skies and 360 degree fireworks – a memorable night :)

  4. Ach, one night’s better than none!

    I was in the Lakes today and the inversion was spectacular (just out of sight from a cafe in Ambleside :o)).
    I’m not complaining, I get enough good days…honest…

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